Sunday, September 07, 2008


14 of 14, yep that is what today is. The stretch of the two weeks has ended. It’s time for a conclusion I suppose. I should probably sum things up. Well, just a reminder for the readers (you) and myself, I’ll give a quick recap. And I will give the Thesis that I should have given to start this out with. But, better later than never I suppose.

Thesis: To examine my thoughts and actions in hopes to find ways to get a little closer to Christ.


1. To rid my life of things I KNOW need not be in it.

2. To constantly strive to see women as Christ see's them. To pray over that constantly.

3. To surrender my temper.

4. To allow God to be the ultimate authority in my life, and respect the earthly ones who are over me.

5. To love ALL PEOPLE.

6. Fight to find JOY in all situations.

7. To be comfortable being patient.

8. To really surrender a relationship with that "special someone" over to God.

Cool lesson I learned today at Dave church. God want's us (believers) to be connected and on the same page with things. Listen, I am tired and sleepy so I am just going to put this awesome verse up. John 17:20-21 This is dinner at Daves after Dave church. The smiley guy is Dave. The cutie sitting next to him is Rach (she's the younger one) and the beautiful woman is Margie, then closest is the bold and beautiful Richard. What a wonderful crew. We make a good team, it is very good for me to be a part of. I gain comfort and insight from Dave every single time I go over there. I am quite thankful for you Dave Pelz. :-)

After I went to Dave church, I couldn't go to Interogation/Collateral because I had to get to the school library and write this paper for English class tomorrow. It got done, and I am super happy. I went home and watched T.V. till it was spilling out my ears. I suppose I had to get my "fix." You'll read why....if you keep reading just a little bit more.


1.) T.V.!! It is everywhere. I can't seem to have peace and quiet for more than 2 seconds. If I wake up in the morning, and am having a bowl of cereal or whatever, I turn on the T.V. If I have 15 minutes before I have to leave for work, I turn on the T.V., When I could be studying the word, or school, I watch T.V.! I watch too much.

R 1.) I think it's time for a break. I am going to take this very serious. I am taking the next two weeks off...Well, I am turning the T.V. off for the next two weeks is what i'm trying to say. I am going to have to train my brian to do other things. I'll do it dag nabbit!! You just watch and see.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that maybe you make life too difficult, by over analyzing everything..So what if your not perfect, and don't use every waking moment doing what you perceive to be correct..Enjoy life a little bit and let thing come to you naturally, then you might get where you want to be..Peace

Anonymous said...

You are such a blessing!
We especially enjoy your company and your love. Our door and frig will always be open to you!!
In fact its open to everyone. Imagine that!!!!
Peace and Love

Mikey said...

This guy right here, this Pelzie personality, now this is a good guy. I know good guys, and this is one of um.

rileydster said...

Youd didn't analyze too much. You came to some pretty mature conclusions that I still struggle with as an old guy.

I have often said that if I could get rid of two things in society one would be television and the other would be credit cards.