Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Sunday, LISTEN UP.

I woke up early this morning after a Young Life sleep over/weekend thingy got over. Well, I still had promised my cousin that I would take him to church. SOOOOO, I got my booty home, in the shower, and out to where my cousin is staying. Picked him up, and we went off to church.It was the 11:15AM service, so it was set up a little different than last week's 9AM service. It was a more traditional set up, they still had tables towards the back, which personally I think is awesome. But all the chairs and attention was faced towards the front. This is a church of house churches, which again is great. My cousin is being very interested and I think that is just great.

What I think is even greater is Dave Church. Or the Sunday evening church I have been going to for quite some time now. I made this poem up about it.

Ode to Dave Church
Rough week
Spirits low
Work is constant
I need a break

Computer crashing
Selfish Sister
Urinary problems
I need a break

Work imposing
Children yelling
Car is stalling
I need a break

Familiar faces
Friendly smiles
love prevailing
I found a break

Word of God
Compassion tugging
Man of faith
I found a break

Feeling welcome
Always gentle
Laughs are hearty
I found a break

Dave, this may be insignificant, but I promised you I would write you a little something something. Take it for what it is my friend. Love you Dave.

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Anonymous said...

That is very meaningful to me!! I know i am still going thru hard times but i also know that God's timing is perfect.You are a major reason i keep up the fight. Thanks for the shout out and thanks for bringing laughter, joy and love into our house
God bless you
And i did pray for you as you traveled and got doctorized