Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Today is day 9 of 14 on this reflective look at my spiritual life, personal traits and just behavior in general.

I felt a bit better today. Well, maybe. I woke up this morning and could only eat yogurt. I just couldn't stomach much more than that. So that was all I ate. I went right to work, BAM! 6:30AM, and I am with the little kids. It's early, but I love it. As soon as I get out of the AM shift for work at 8:40, I go straight to school. I had two classes today, first OLS (first class for my minor) and then Philosophy 111, which of course got into a God debate. I don't want to go into detail, because it would be pointless. I will just say that this woman wanted to argue the semantics of God & Christianity with a professor who has years and years of debating and arguing this sort of thing AND who doesn't hold the same thoughts as her. It ended poorly for her, to say the least. I did my best to stay out of it, because honestly, what would be the point. He was not downplaying God, or Christianity, he was just pointing out the "flaws" he had with it. People, especially Christians need to accept that there are going to be masses who think and feel otherwise. It is not up to US (people who are not God) to make them feel or think otherwise either. I felt like this woman had an agenda. It's kind of like when you hear people speak of the "gay agenda." I don't think as Christians we are suppose to just accept it into our homes with open hands by any means. BUT, we aren't suppose to attack it (abstract) as an idea, and ESPECIALLY not the people (finite) who are pushing it. I dunno, this is just my opinion. It's what I feel man. It's just the way I think and how my innerds tell me to react to stuff. It's composed of God, and gut. Can you really go wrong with "God & gut?"

Ya know, I this is kind of what I noticed today. I need to work on my happiness. This is my reflection for today.

1.) I feel happy through out the day quite often. My happiness is usually built on other people's happiness. I seem to thrive off of how others feel. For instance, if I can make the dirtier, maybe not so well kept, semi-outcast kid at the YMCA program feel welcome and smile. If I can make their morning, I am blown away by that. But on the days where I feel a little more "down" and not so joyful for Christ. I have to question my self, my actions, my motives, and especially my INPUT. That old saying that your mom and dad use to day when you were little (at least for me), about what goes in will eventually come out. I find that to be very true.

R 1.) I have to find joy in all things. Even the sobering and seemingly NASTY times in life. It is so simple when kids are happy, or the mentally handicapped guy at school is proud of something you constantly complement him on, or you hold the door open for the girl who has no self-esteem, or the guy who questions why he should even go through the door. In those it is so simple. I am challenged to rely on Him. I am told directly to do so. This is some pretty tasty stuff right here. 1 Thess 5:16-19

I think my stomach flu is almost gone.....(knock on wood)


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I was very specific on how I choose the smiley face for this post. I just wanted to give some insight.