Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the lawn mower is to the grass, like sand is to the beach.

I did the whole work and school thing today, then I came home and mowed the lawn like I promised my dad. It's been a while since I have mowed the lawn, but I actually enjoy mowing for some reason. I didn't get a chance to study today, It is not a good thing either because I have plenty to study for. I need to continue to prepare for my first OLS test, among other things.

I had a date today! Yes, that's right I had a date today. Well, sort of....Ya see, one of my really good friends mom is going through some things right now that are making life kind of "out of the ordinary" difficult. Well, I talked to Britt (friend), and asked her if I should stop by and meet with her mom. I have always gotten along so well and like her so much, it just seemed like the right thing to do. So, I sent her an E-Mail over the weekend, and we set it up so she would cook dinner for me and we could chat. We did just that, and I have to say, she is in a much better place than I expected her to be. The thing that is difficult in her life right now is the fact that after 29 years of marriage, her husband left her. Well, I expected to see her down in the dumps and in a really low state of mind. It was quite the opposite. There was one thing that overcrowded all the rest of the conversation. A verse she put on a stone and hung it in her kitchen.
Ephesians 6:10
Be strong in the Lord and His mighty power.
That is why things are keeping together for her they way they are. It was so good to see that. SO GOOD!! After we got done eating the FISH she made for me (I LOVE FISH). I got to eat this amazing dessert. :-) ummmmm, life is good. When I got home, I passed out, because I was more than tired. I had a full tummy and was just DONE.

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Megan said...

that looks yummy! :)

ps, thanks for the compliment on the hair! I love it!