Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The cat house I guess??

After I visited Snider High School today, I was driving back to campus, when I came up to a busy intersection. It is especially busy during, near, and right after lunch time. Well, there was a lady broke down in the front of the turning lane. There was a whole line of people super upset with her, but not willing to get out and help. So, I drove by and yelled, "hey, can I help you push your car to the gas station?" She had this look of relief on her face, so I told her I would be right there. She had her small son with her as well. Her son was, ohhh maybe 8. LOL. I parked my car and crossed heavy traffic and came up to her. Only to find her young son in the drivers seat, and her ready to push the car with me. I assured her I wouldn't have any problem pushing her car, and asked if she would please steer the vehicle. She agreed, and as soon as we got the arrow, I PUSHED and PUSHED and PUSHED the car through the intersection, through the Speedway gas station, and she continues to say, "keep going, just a little further," I mean she had used the braked several times....and my legs were turning to jellow. As soon as we got directly in front of the gas station, this big guy came and helped me out. It all worked out just fine and dandy. :-)

Good work, today. I got to talking about EYES with several of the kids. We talked about how pretty eyes can be. To prove my poing, I was taking pictures of different kid's eyes, and showing them off. Check out this little girls eyes. Very pretty mix of blueish green & brown. Even better that my work day was my WORK OUT session at the YMCA. I saw two guys I had not seen in forever. One of them was one of the guys I spoke about who I thought was "ignoring" me. We talked and talked and remembered old times. The other guy, I hadn't seen in quite some time. We talked about God, and the impact he is having in our lives. Great talks really.

Then I come home to ms Kitty.This is not the same cat, because this one is not a Siamese, and it has a very short stub for a tail. This cat had bells and a tag with phone number on it. Very super friendly too. I played with her for a bit.

My days are tiring, but satisfying. I can't wait to this weekend. Big Young Life volenteers get together thingy. If I only hadn't lost my bathing suite.....DO'OH!!!!!

G'Night (11:10PM)


Megan said...

I didn't know you had a cat! I love cats but i think you know that!

Mikey said...

I DON'T HAVE A CAT, nor do I peticularily care for them, this is just a cat that was wondering around. For some reason, cats have been coming up to the house lately. This one was just super friendly, and not a stray because it had a collar and a name tag/owner name & phone #.