Thursday, September 18, 2008

infusion, kitty and puke

An odd title for a BLOG post I must admit, but fitting none the less. I had my 7th infusion of TYSABRI today. It was nice, and I had a very delicious while I waited.Ya know that the darn sticky tape hurts about three times as much as the actual needle and hour long infusion. I'm not kidding! I have kind of hairy arms, so when that thing gets jerked off, it hurts like heck!! I usually say, "ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch" in my head of course. I just grin and bear it with sort of a half smile bulgy eye, tilted brows sort of look. But it eventually ends.

When I was finishing up at work, I got a phone call from my mom asking if I would pick up some pizza on my way home. I did, and when I got home I saw the strangest sight. There was a Siamese cat sitting on the hand railing in the front of our house. Just looking into the house. It was such a strange sight, I just had to snap a picture of it.Well, after the cat sighting, I contemplate a difficult decision. To go to the Snider game (homecoming) or go work out. I was just not in a very happy smiley energetic I chose the latter of the two and went to the Y to work out. That decision backfired on me. Ya see I had 5 pieces of pizza. And well Mozzarelli's Pizza isn''t exactly the leanest pizza on the block. It is quite greasy and fatty. It tastes so good though! 5 was too much, and the cramps continued to tell me this the whole time I was working out. I really didn't feel like riding a bike for 25 minutes tonight, so instead I decided to go for a run. The YMCA has this trail that is 1.8 miles that goes all around the property and what not. It's a nice trail, and I got some really good quiet time in with God while I was on it. But, definately puked 5 times. So much for burning off those calories! Then, on my way home I got a chance to see the most pecuilure of sights. It was the charger cop car that got my attention at first, then I saw why he was stopped.....Check this out.Now I COULD tell you about the Bar that the driver was probably coming from. I COULD also tell you about how the driver was not at the site because he had "somewhere to go" and the lady talking to the officer was kind enough to stay. But I am not going to, because I don't need to make assumptions or anything of that nature. He sure did a number on that median though.

God is so good. I got a letter in the mail again from a friend who is in a really healthy place, and well it gave me so much joy.

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