Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Twisted it right up

In my philosophy class, it got all twisted up. Ughhh, it was quite frustrating, but I kind of dug a hole for myself. We were referring to Plato's Republic and Feminism and how people at the top of the decision and thinking class make all the decisions, and how they lie sometimes for the "better good." A load of crap in my opinion, but never the less, the topic at hand. The prof wanted present day examples, and I offered up my 2 cents about how Obama seems to me not to give give up information about his heritage, which is actually his father (born in Kenya) and mother (born in Kansas) which would make him half white, half black. Anyways, I was trying to make reference to that drawing in the New Yorker that was published not too long ago. I suppose I was kind of hinting to the fact that if Obama doesn't have any thing to hide, then why not offer as much information as possible. I dunno, it was probably a supid comment. I paid for it too, I was made to be a racist against Arabs and ughhh, I learned my lesson on that. The moral of this story, "think it through 5 times before you talk."

Anyways. I woke up this morning, and Ga$ was 3.69, after 2PM it sky rocketed to $3.95!! AHHHHHH!! I needed to fill up too. DO'OH!!

I didn't watch t.v. today, and I had to find new and interesting ways to fill my time. Tonight at 9:00PM I wanted to sit down and watch some telie, but instead I went to the YMCA and worked out for a bit. I thought it maybe would make me a little sleepy so I wouldn't have any trouble falling asleep, and wouldn't have to take any nasty sleeping medication or anything. We will see here in a little bit.

I texted my sister, who has been in MA./NYC. for the past week visiting her biological family for the the first time. She called me back and we talked about it for ohh maybe 35 minutes. It sounds like she had an amazing experience. She got to see the city right good, and her biological ties were good to her. She got to see her biological parents grave sites, and got to experience some of her heritage. Which, to an adopted kid/adult/anyone is extremely important. I would know, i'm adopted TOO! So it was good to talk with mer, and I think I am going to try to go to bed now.I envy people who can sleep easily. Seriously I wish I had that so bad. Shutting down the brain is such a slow and daunting process for me.

Funny/enlightening thing happened today at work. There was this little girl, maybe 5 or 6, possibly seven but i'm thinking she is a first grader. It was the first day she had been to YMCA afternoon childcare. Well, every month we are suppose to do something for for the community. This month because of a certain tie to someone over in Iraq, we decided to have the kids write thank you letters to people in the military. It was going nicely and one little girl had an especially touching picture and letter. It was a picture of her and her "daddy" holding hands. It said, please be safe and cum home soon so I can see my daddy. I asked her how long her father had been gone. I kind of got out of her that it was over a year. When her mother came to pick her up (who I ended up knowing), I asked her where her husband was stationed. She gave me a stranger look and said, "excuse me? My husband works at a restaurant in Auburn (near by city) as a manager." I explaiend as to my inquiry, and she kind of shook her head and told me that sometimes her little girl likes to "tell stories." WOW!! That little one was quite the extrovagant lier!!! I bought it, hook, line and sinker too.

G'Night......I hope


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad I don't sleep much neither takes a while b4 I can go to sleep. But no Marilyn didn't have any and I have 6 tatts, they all mean something to me thinking about another one but not 2 sure yet.

Megan said...

i envy those people to because you know it also takes forever for my brain to shut down and I can actually get sleep. Ugh, I hope you got some sleep!