Sunday, September 14, 2008

YL up & running

I woke up this morning at 8:30 I believe. Church doesn't start until 10:30, but I wanted to get some things done and go to church and then go to school and study before I had to go to a meeting on the South side of town (I live on the North), where the very first Young Life gathering would be held. I ended up sleeping in way to long, and not even going to Pathway like I wanted to. I did get over to school for maybe an hour and 45 minutes, but didn't accomplish much. I liked the meeting, although my heart was not in it completely. I really wanted to be at Dave church because my friend George finally agreed to go with me, and I was extremely excited. But, I had to call and tell him that I wasn't going to be able to make it this week/take him because of this first YL, start off the year assembly of old and new leaders. It was a good meeting because it was motivating and set the pace if you will for the year to come. I dunno, I should have been all in it though.

It rained some more today, I so enjoy driving in the rain though. I just don't like it when people crash because of poor vision or slippery conditions. When I am able to drive without any of those things happening though, I really love it to death.

After the meeting was over I high tailed it outa there to make it over to Collateral. I wanted to be with my brothers, and get some church in. So I did, and we were going over MOSES. I guess they are going to start a small study on Moses. Guess I just can't get enough of that guy. ;-) Anyways, we went over Exodus 2-4 in brevity. This is what I walked away with.
Collateral, Moses, grace, mercy, willingness, power through Grace.

  • Moses wanted to fight against God and His will for him. But you have to make major adjustments in your life to join God in what he is doing. Moses had to make some extreme changes in his life and heart in order to get in God's will. There was nothing special in or about Moses. He was just willing to accept God's challenge and will in his life. Once he accepted it, God did amazing things through him.
When collateral was over I went to Kroger with Matt and Brad and Brad got some food before we went over to Nick Hudsons house. Nick and his wife had put the children to bed, and we gathered, made some frozen pizza's and ate them. All the while enjoying each others company and conversation. It was really nice, and healthy. Mentally and spiritually healthy for me.

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Brad said...

Hey man, couldn't find you on facebook, I was just wondering about bsf. I'd like to get involved with it, and am wondering when/where you guys meet, if it is open for joining, and if you allow sinners. Let me know sometime, you can facebook me, or hit up my blog at

Thanks man,

Have a blessed day (for this is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice in it and be glad!)