Friday, September 05, 2008


Did you know that today is the day that the Lord has made, I really will rejoice and be glad in that fact. Today is also the twelfth of a fourteen day series devoted to God and examining my inner daily workings with reference to how I see, act, and think on things in LIFE. I think that the word "twelfth" is a very funny word. So today started off like normal, I went to work and then went to school. When I was at school, I was complemented over and over by my English professor, because he is genuine and that is just his personality. He is a great guy, and really loves to encourage and motivate his students. I want to, "not let him down." And I won't either. It is going to be a good semester. When I got out of ENG W233-03, I felt like writing. I didn't have the material done for the next English assignment, so I started working on my OLS paper that is due on something like the 27th. It is about a man named Geert Hofstede. And his 5-cultural dimensions. It is pretty interesting actually, and I am enjoying working on it. I just got in the "write" mode, and couldn't stop it. Then I went back to work, where they were setting up for a huge carnivale.Yes in deedy, the kids were excited for this one. They had a dunk tank, bob for the apple, pie in the face, grill cooked burgers with all the right fixings, EVERYTHING a kid could want at a school carnivale. As soon as I got out of work, I went over to my friend Matt's house. He has since reconciled with his wife, and actually went to Indiana Beach over the Labor Day weekend. I think they are in a good place, and I think that Matt's heart for sure is. Anyways, I stopped by his house because he has not been returning my or any of the other guys calls. This is very unlike Matt's personality. As soon as I left Matt's house, I went to an empty parking lot and prayed and wrote for about a half an hour. Then I went to my Friday night Bible study. I was there forever, and Matt even came to that. The other guys were real glad he did, especially me!!I love the Bible. Dag nabbit it can be hard to start digging into sometimes, but once I sincerely do, I am always, ALWAYS fulfilled and satisfied. I love the insight and comments from the other guys as well.

1.) There are so many beautiful women on my campus. I really desire a healthy relationship too. I mean, I really really do. But, I am not willing to give in to an un-Christ like relationship. A relationship that isn't completely built on the principals of Godly living, is not worth having. One with a female I am talking about of course. So, taking all of this into consideration, why do I still look at women the wrong way. I'm not only talking about lusting after them, but even wishing to have a relationship, just for the pure and simple fact to have "someone." It got to the point today, where I had to stop right where I was in the computer lab, and just take it to the Lord in prayer. I just asked that I could view them the way Christ views them. It was just put on my heart, and my eyes were not directed towards their hearts.

R 1.) I desire a relationship so badly, but at the same time, I have really released it over to Christ. (I know this kind of sounds like they aren't going together, but hold on) So, I think that creates a bit of conflict, it's the conflict of FLESH vs. CHRIST-LIKE HEART. It is a constant battle, one I only have a chance of surviving if I take it to the Lord on a DAILY BASIS.

It's beautiful that I am able to do that though. Christ died, so that I can take my problems and issues to Him on a daily basis. I got one word for that, WOW!

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