Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the years EVE

Again, today started out at the Chiropractor, and will continue this way for a while I would suppose. The picture you see before was not taken by the nurse this time. It was taken by me. I was laying down with my hoodie on, and yea that is what it is in case it looks confusing. The machine in the back ground is the thing hooked up to the pads on my back that heat me and make my muscles spasm.So, then the day really began when I made a little trip to the local firework store. This happened after I stopped by Nicky's house to make for sure positive that he was down for our road trip. Of course he was, so off I went to....The one, the only (in Fort Wayne), PHANTOM FIREWORKS!!!! Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, the firework store. This is where I got some serious explosives that would be secretly placed in the trunk of my car until I was ready to reveal them to my unknowing passenger.I looked at my bag of boom boom material, then I thought about the evening coming up, then back at my bag, and a big smile overcame my face just thinking about how Nicky would react when I sprung it on him. Then it was time to go..........Well, the new Mikey (Christ filled) took over. I was locked out of my car, and I felt really stupid. But instead of being angry and displaying "old Mikey" characteristics, I calmly called my pop's and he came and helped me out.

Well, then I drove back to Nick's and we played a little bit of [VIDEO GAMES], and then left on our adventure. We drove and drove, and mostly headed East because we wanted to get the HECK out of Indiana. LOL. Here is a live action driving shot of yours truly. Yes, this is a G.I. Joe helmet, and YES, I did wear it the hole night, even when I stopped for directions and went in the gas station to use the restroom and the truckers looked at me like I was some kind of AliEN. So, we drove and drove and talked and talked and ended up in Van Wert. Probably only 45-50 minutes from Fort Wayne, but it probably took us 2.5-3 hours because we were just lost in the country side. Nick and I came to the conclusion that Fort Wayne is not so bad compared to much of what we saw in Ohio. THEN I FOUND THE SPOT!!! It was time and I told Nick to grab the flashlight and put on his coat. We proceeded to the trunk of my car, and he he he, I got out the bird feeder. Ya see, I put all the fireworks in the card board box that my dad's x-mas bird feeder came in. I told Nick that I wanted to set it up and maybe some birds would come and we could watch them and talk for New Year's. Nick's eyes got kind of big, and I asked him to help me set it up. MUCH TO HIS SURPRISE, there was no bird feeder, BUT FIREWORKS!!! This is what happened next.... It was so much fun. I couldn't have had a better New Year's!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this day in my life I.....

The day started off with my back hurting a lot. This is a lesson painfully learned. I did however, do something about it. I went to Clark Chiropractor and he started working on me. Here is the waiting room....I love the chiropractor, and have known him and his family for a while. His youngest son STEVE was a year older than me in high school, and although not close close friends, we were very cool with each other. The Clark family has always been an example of a very "together" close knit family to me. Not that there is any real sustenance to that sentence, or meaning, but just a stereotypical example of a close knit Christian family. Here is me after he wrenched on my back for a while. They put these warming/muscle spasming (spelling?) things on my back and let them go to town for 10min. The nurse agreed to take a picture of it for me. The actual metal shockers were on my skin, ten I had layers of towels and those weights you see on top there. It felt pretty good, pretty darn good.

Well, after that I went with my friend George to a Christian book store. George is trying to get his life back together from 3 or so years of heaving drinking and drug use and knows I made that change, so I try to be as much as possible an encouragement and helper next to him. Anyways, he wanted to get a devotional after I explained to him how vitally important it is to be in the word. So I told him I would go with him to help him pick one out. We did, and we will see how he likes it.

Then we went back to his house to babysit his niece Kieran.Then we went to Best Buy because he wanted to get a video. Then we watched the video. Then I went to hang out with Nicky. I got Nicky to agree to agree to leave his house and trust me for his New Years Eve. I have got something planned that is very unique. It could fail miserably, or he could remember it for the rest of his life. Hummm, it will be interesting. :-)I love this shot of Nick and video game in the back ground. Captures the essence of the scene. I'm just grateful I can experience Nick's life with him. And you will just have to tune in to see how the New Years Plan pans out.

Monday, December 29, 2008'oh!!

Yes, those are the words that come out of my mouth every time I move the wrong way. Today, I did not have to work because there was not enough kids at the Y for me to come in. I decided I would take my friend George up on seeing the new movie "The Yes Man." But, first I wanted to go work out. I did just that, and when I was doing my usual dumb bell bench presses with 70 lb weights in each hand, I made a very very big mistake. I lifted with my back instead of my legs. :o( I am paying the price big time because I am in intense pain, and over the counter pain reliever is doing nothing to sooth my discomfort.
This picture does a very good job of showing exactly where all my pain is coming from.

After I caused the yucky ouchy, I went to meet my friend George at the theater. I have been hanging out with George lately. He has had somewhat of a change of heart concerning his ways. Well, I told him I want to be there to be a friend and just attempt to influence him in whatever ways I can. I took him to Dave church 2 Sundays ago, and he really liked that.So we watched the movie and it was pretty funny....except for one part that was extremely inappropriate and down right disgusting and out of place. When the movie was over we were chatting a bit in the parking lot. I shared with him the story of my feelings about the party yesterday. He said that it hit pretty close to home and that it really meant something to him. Later on he texted me and wondered if I would go with him to help him pick out a devotional. Of course I said YES! After the movie I got a pizza and went to my friend Chris's house. He got some new games and I told him I would check them out and bring over a pizza. On my way to pick up the pizza, I had to go to the bathroom real bad. I knew the pizza place didn't have a bathroom for public use, so I stopped at a near by Dairy Queen. There were 2 ladies working, and after I got out of the restroom I approached one of them. I don't know exactly why, but I looked at one of them right in the eye smiled, and told her she was beautiful (the other girl was on her headset) and that I hoped she would have a very excellent evening. She looked up with this look of humble appreciation, and I smiled one last time and left to pick up the pizza. Maybe she needed to hear that, I really don't know.

My back hurts like crazy, I hope I can fall asleep tonight.

Ta Ta!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The love was thick today!!

This was the bridge that I was on yesterday when I made that video. I was coming from the other direction, and just opened my door which would have been to the guard rail to the right in the picture above. This is how the bridge is suppose to look, lol. yesterday was an exception.

Today started off slow, and that is not a complaint. I love that my winter break has been very laid back and chill. It is a nice change. The freedom to roam and do as I wish is quite nice. So, before school got over, my English professor Tom had invited me to a house party. I have much of Tom in my BLOGG, if you don't remember who he is, then just follow this link to a ~PAST POST~. Anyways, I was feeling very anxious to go to this party. It was very strange, ever sense I woke up this morning, I had this little voice inside me telling me not to go. It was totally bizarre because I couldn't understand why. I love going to parties, and I love TOM. It only seemed natural that I go. I mean, I love people, and I knew that the people that would be at a party that Tom would have would be of the highest quality of people, so I just couldn't figure out WHY I had inner tension about going. Well, I didn't have an answer until after I left. It was all clear as I walked from Tom's front door to my car. Check out these pictures, and I will share why.
Ya see, it was a great party. The people were past student's of Tom, and some of his close friends. A great bunch would be a massive understatement. I got to talking with a couple. He was a past high school student of Tom's. A very nice pair. Anyways, I shared a little bit of my story. How M/S impacted my life, and how Jesus has become the central focal point for me. Well, Tom overheard me speaking, and quickly came and asked if I would be willing to share in front of everyone. I agreed and before ya know it, everyone was gathered around the table. I started talking, and told about how M/S kind of brought me into who I am today. I talked about how through struggles I realized that I had to SURRENDER and allow Christ to take the steering wheel. It is not what Mikey wants, but what HE wants. This is why I was attacked before the party (Satan will poke at you). I am so thankful for Tom. I believe everyone in that room would agree that Tom is the definition of sincere love. It just pours out of him, and he is a true living inspiration to me. An example of what it looks like to genuinely care about people from all walks of life.After the party, I went over to my sister's house. Her fiance is going to be selling Kirby's and wanted to know if he could give me his line of bull....I mean he wanted to test out his salesmen skills on me. I agreed, and the whole time I thought to myself, "no one is going to buy one of these when the economy is good, why in the heck would they buy it now??" But, I listened and we will see. Good thing he is going back to school though. ;-)

Also, a really really good thing happened today. I am going to be taking a kid to so sking on the 3rd, and well my car is not the best choice for a trip to Michigan. It doesn't have cruise, my ski's won't fit in it, and it get's really bumpy when you go over 65MPH. Well, TOM, a Young Life staff member agreed to let me use his car for the trip. I AM SO EXCITED!! If anyone wants to pray for the trip, it is on the 3rd, and his name is Brandin.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

rain, rain, rain, RAIN!! and Nick

Today, after I got up and helped my dad clean up our back yard because of the several pine tree's that had fallen. Umm, I headed over to Nick's house to finish what we had started yesterday with that game I was talking about. We dominate at it, and Nick's friend Jessie was over and will be going to Snider (school I do contact work @ for Young Life) next semester. The picture above was me taking them out to get some pizza at a new pizza place in town that I love.

We got back, ate, and nick and I filled the rest of the day and evening with the video game. I have an action shot from it.
The game is intense, and old school PS1 graphics. BUT, it is amazing and we both rock at it and were determined to win the season. WE DID, but it took forever. The video above was when the ball some how got stuck in the wall, so all the guys were just standing around while we waited for time to run out for the half. We got plenty of free shot's in and took full advantage of it.

So, we recently had this horrible ice storm and snow and all this stuff, well everything has melted because today it got up to like 64 degrees. Then, today it rained like crazy. SO MUCH RAIN. I have this video of me going over a flooded bridge in my neighborhood, but because it takes forever to load videos up on BLOGGER, and it takes up space that I want to be careful with, I decided to upload it onto YouTube. Check um out.

It was a really good day today. I enjoyed hanging out with Nicky thoroughly and I believe it went both ways. Just forming trust and relational know hows. God is good, He is soo good. :-) I'm also glad the bridge didn't collapse when I not only drove over it, but stopped to catch some footage. Sometimes I really love technology.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Today started out with me going to the Central Branch YMCA (located downtown, having a "winter break childcare service"). When I showed up there was only 5 kids, one of which left with the leader. Well, then it shrank down to 2 kids and myself pretty quick, then it was just me and this cutie pictured above. I had to come up with something fun to do quickly, ya know, a fun activity that didn't suck. So, I thought up, "SILLY SNOWMEN!!" She loved it, and I have to admit, it was pretty fun. Go me.

After that got over, I dropped off a car CD player, ya see, I got my mom this really nice one, but accidently purchased two by accident, so instead of shipping the other one back, I sold it to one of my friends, because I am a good sales men, and my buddy was looking for one. THEN, I went to a Bro's Night out at my friends house (fellow YL leaders). It was a good time. The end of the day/evening landed me at Nicky's house. Ya see, my best friend (Jared) got his little brother (Nicky) a PS2, with a bunch of awesome PS1 and PS2 titles, because Nicky has wanted to start a sweet collection. Well, we found this classic called League of Pain, and it is an awesome futuristic sports game, and we found we can dominate at. It is so sweet, and a serioius bonding experience.Nicky also had a friend over, so I got to meet him, and merge my way into another needing life. It is sweet how God opens doors into people's lives. I love watching it play out in my own life.

I give Him all the glory, and am very thankful for my life.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


So Christmas was good this year. It was drama free, my sister showed up and seemed to have a good time, my parents loved their presents, and we went out as a family to see Seven Pounds with Will Smith and although the plot for the movie was a bit shaky, our family seemed to stand firm. :-) I don't care about presents, and so I am not even going to go there.

Once the day wound down, and all was good to go, I was informed by my sister that my Biological Grandma got me a remote control helicopter. It is awesome, and well, if I can "not destroy" it while learning how to fly it, then I will be good to go.It is a micro-remote control copter. It charges from the remote, and will hold a charge for 6 minutes. It is really pretty darn fun to play with.

I thank Christ for what this day stands for, and what He did for us. Truly a blessing to be able to realize all the things I have in my life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So I had to get my last minute shopping done today. It was rough and tough because WALL-MART IS AN INSANE ASYLUM!!I will have to make a mental note of this for next year after I have procrastinated doing my shopping, and try to stay clear of the Wall-Mart blues. This is my grandma Ernsberger (mom's mom), she has Parkinson's & is the most beautiful of women. I was sitting with her, helping by wiping up the drool coming out of her mouth and talking with her about life, Christ, and things. I decided to give my Grandpa a break for a while so he could go and enjoy family. Ya see, the muscles in her throat sometimes don't work very well. When she trys to swallow, it doesn't go down, it all just comes back up. I love my Grandma so much. She remembers when I was a little boy, and she used to change my diapers, and I told her I owed this to her. That, and I love her so much I would wipe drool any day.This little girl is Natalie, held up by her mother Angie. Natalie is a miracle baby because she has just been through everything you could possibly imagine. So many heart surgeries, and is just a little over a year old. God has protected this little one, and I remember hearing the first news that something was wrong. And to see her in front of me smiling and living strong, well it is such strong proof that God is at work in his children. Such absolute me anyways.This is the Hands. The big guy is my cousin, Tim hand, and his family. They are all from Alaska, and it is just such a sweet Christmas gift to see them. It was a good Christmas Eve, and boy ohh boy did I set my mom and dad up for some good gifts tomorrow. It is funny, because when I was a little boy, my parents stayed up extremely late preparing and wrapping gifts. Tonight, I was the one who stayed up late and wrapped and prepared things for tomorrow. I will share tomorrow how I got things all sweet and prepared. But, for now the Christmas ~hush~ must take over.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

complacent strandedness

If I was one of the cows in this picture, I would be all, "you think that

fence can hold me in? You have got to be kidding me man, I could

take out that fence like it was nothing, that fence might as well not be

there." Yea, if only I were cow, that is what I would say.

I cannot justify the title of this BLOG post. I think that a part of me just wanted to have a title that was interesting and wills you to read the post.... It is sad conversely, because now I am using words that I probably should not be using. It won’t stop there either, soon odd nouns will join in just because they can be used, not because they should be or because they have any logical place. The word BECAUSE will be used far too much, just because (SEE!) I can. If only I had a salsify (a long earth-colored edible root of a plant of the daisy family, which is said to have a taste resembling oysters, cooked as a vegetable) to suck on. Then I would be able to keep my taste buds busy. WOW, mind is racing, thoughts are meaningless, what is happening?? Ohh, I know, I am having fun being myself on my BLOG. Something I often take too seriously. Well, this is me, and maybe I will come along more often. But, what if people don't like the wondering Mikey?? What if they think I am strange? Well, I suppose that is just a risk I am willing to take. Yes, hello there.

Anyways, today at work, we took the kids for a walk. We took them for a walk down the streets of Fort Wayne, to Headwaters Park. It was cold, it was windy, it was cold, and cold, but I have noticed that little kids are incredibly resilient, and FOR SOME, it takes a lot to bother them. Here is a picture of the walk. You better believe that yours truly was the leader!! A lot of trust in that position. Good thing I am not crazy....

It was a fun walk, little kids are so extremely entertaining to me. I just "get them," and can always fit in. I think that is something to boast about. If it's not, I am going to do it anyways.

We got to Headwaters Park, and they had a blast. I really like being in charge. I know it is not a big position, and it is not like I am in charge of a group in an organization, but I enjoy the position of gaining respect, setting guidelines, and watching over a group of little kids. I like the responsibility that comes with the job, and love to play with little kids. It's good stuff.

Monday, December 22, 2008

awww shoot

I didn't do much today. I mean I worked, at the central YMCA, where they are having a winter break thing for kids who still need day car b/c their parents are at work, BUT, it was lame and I had to leave 2 hours early.......I shouldn't complain because some work is better than no work, I should be thankful, should be...

I spent time at the YMCA near my house and worked out like crazy, and read this book I am working on. It is really good, and opening my eyes to new and awesome things about God.

Then, when I was at home I took a picture of myself that I want to share, because, well I just think I ought to.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

the day the ICE took over

Well, the back yard was impacted greatly by this ice storm that just recently flew threw. I am afraid to say we lost some good~ole~boys. Yes, they fell hard and will not be getting back up. I have some pictures to depict what I am talking about.The first picture shows a nice fella who was just enjoying the Ice, not hurting a flea. Well, his life came to an end when the wind picked up and decided the time for him to stand was OVER. Now his friend is depicted in the second picture. He tried to do the right thing and stand firm for his friend. In all actuality, he will eventually fall too. There is just way too much weight pushing on him....his days are numbered. The third picture is the tree that had no chance. If he had a name, maybe it would be frank. Maybe it would be Ron. I don't know for sure, but I know he will lay and wait until it becomes warmer, where I will take a chain saw to him and lay him aside to dry out. That is that.

I thought about a really neat parable or metaphor to equate pine tree's and their short root systems to that of a new Christian. BUT, for the sake of not sounding like a pompous ass, I decided not to share it (it was good, but possibly just bad timing). Farewell good tree's, you served well to the forest creatures that used you to eat in and poop from.

Matt update

I have good news. I have been praying, along with my parents and a few people that I have informed about Matt's situation. Praying that God do what he needs to do in Matt's life. Not what I think should happen, not what my parents think should happen, but that God's will be done. (big breath/sigh), that is taking a step in faith to be able to say and believe that. Because believing that allows the reality that times may get really tough for Matt. BUT, as a friend and I were coming from Dave Church, I got a phone call. At 8:26PM, Matt called me and informed me that he had made some mistakes, and realized that my parents and I had his best interest at heart the whole time. He asked if he could come back home, because he has had a really bad past two days. With a smile on my face and almost a tear in my eye, I assured him he would be welcomed home. He got home, and said how he was in desperate need of sleep. He promised us he would talk tomorrow, and it was left at that. He mentioned some of the things he was doing, and he did mess up. But, I have been there and done that. I needed unconditional love, and TONS OF PATIENCE. I would be king hyprocrit if I did not treat him the same way. That is that from my end. Love, love, love is what I must show.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

gross disapointment

The title of Today's post could have been "The Matt Struggle" and made just as much sense to me. Today, my cousin Matt (who has been living with my parents & I since August) decided for whatever reasons that today was the day he would buy a car and "move on with life." He said that he had to do this for his independence and as a part of "being a man." Ever since Matt has moved in, he has been growing in leaps and bounds in Christ. Making new spiritual discoveries as well as connecting some of the dot's in his own life. He has gotten involved with an accountability group and just done really awesome things. The fact that he has been able to keep his job for as long as he has speaks wonders to where he has come from and where he wants to be. Well, today, I feel was a huge step backward. Ever since he started spending time with a guy from work, Matt has been....well changing. I have seen this change before in my own life and it is NO GOOD. His outlook on things has been changing, and he has been not prompted to be in the word, or even looking for God. Although he said he came to his decision after prayer and much contemplation, I don't believe him (I can't know for sure....). This is what it came down to. Matt decided it was time to buy a car. RIGHT NOW, he wanted it and made up his mind. A very extremely foolish decision, but the one he made. My mother, father and myself tried and tried to talk logic and common sense into him, but he was locking it all out. It seemed as though someone has planted this idea in his mind that he really needed to do this (new friends), he says it is all his own decision. He decided that he would go to a buy here/pay here and get himself a car. No matter how much they bent him over and screwed him, he was going to do this. No matter that in his past he has done this I think 3 times, and each time had to have his car repowed. He was going to do this and that was that. We tried to talk good God fearing logic into his head. But I am serious, he wouldn't have it. Although he says he wants accountability, and help, he was a closed door. It sucked so much to see that, and I know where it will most likely lead him.

So, he was going to have a guy from the car lot pick him up. But, I told him I would take him.I sat in there and listened to this guy take advantage of Matt. And watch a guy who can't save a penny blow everything he has worked so hard to get. It was painful to watch. It didn't have anything to do with all the time I have put into Matt, it had everything to do with me seeing that he is beginning to walk back down the road of destruction. One might say, "well it's only a car," but in Matt's case, it is so much more. It got to the point where I was so extremely frustrated and sad that I told him, "Matt, I am intensely disappointed, if you need me, please call." And that was that, he didn't come back home, and that is that.The day ended and it finally came down to this. I said, "well, what step do we take with Matt now?" We discussed that we need to love him. Love him unconditionally, and realize that we did everything that we could to impact him in Christ. That God is in control, and no matter where Matt's life goes from here, we are continue to impact him in love. That we are not to stand as individuals who will enable him to make or continue in bad decisions, but that we musn't ever give up, or just write him off. It kind of makes you "GULP" in your throat, because if you know Matt how I know Matt, you know the likely outcome. But, God is bigger than any of my preconceived notions of how things will go. I trust that this happened for a reason, and that I did everything I could. I am frustrated and sad, but that's okay. God is good, ohh yes, God is good.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I came to be a blessing, but the blessing is on me

Since Fort Wayne Community Schools (school system of the elementary school that I do YMCA childcare at) canceled today, my work canceled. :o() This was actually okay with me because I got to sleep in, and just kind of lay low. The city is covered with ICE. Ice is everywhere. Check out these pictures.

Yes, Yes, Ice was on everything. Tree's are falling on power lines all over the city. I heard a statement that there are 70,000+ homes in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas with no power. My brother Travis is one of them. I texted him today, and he said it may be Christmas Eve till he has power again. Ughhh, that sucks so much.

Well, eventually I went out and did some looking/shopping. I found what I didn't want. I decided online was going to be the way to go this year. My mom is the most important to buy for. If I please her, all is well. That's just the way it is. :-)

When I was driving home through my neighborhood I saw many people attempting to clear the ice off their driveway. There was one little old'er lady who really looked like she was struggling. She was working on one little corner of her huge driveway, but wasn't making much leeway. I decided as I drove by that I would take care of her driveway for her. It was a steep one so it took importance. I went home, changed clothes and headed to her house. Without even informing her, I started clearing away. She found out I was clearing when the mail lady had to deliever a piece of mail to her door. Half way through the clearing she called me up to her door. She said that she would pay me, and I politely turned it down. After much debate, she informed me that I had to at least accept $10.oo, so I took it. She seemed very thankful, and that was that. Well, I had it put on my heart to keep looking around the neighborhood for anyone else who was in need of help. I found a guy. His name turned out to be Ray Harrison. I had no idea who he was when I drove up on him. All I knew was that he was a gentlemen older than my parents who had one hand on a scraper, and the other on his back. He looked like he was in pain, so I knew what I was going to do. I started helping, and we started talking. Turns out he is an associate pastor for the Church I grew up in (Grabill Missionary). It was such an awesome blessing. We had more in common than I thought possible. He had a stem cell therapy not too long ago for a rare bone cancer he was diagnosed with. We knew so many of the same people, it was awesome. Also, he had a sweet English accent which made talking to a really cool dude even cooler!! He blessed me by giving me some sound advice on a minor struggle, and then praying for me when we were all done. His wife also gave me some X-Mas cookies which were THE BOMB!! It was very unique and awesome.

The day ended with me taking the $10 bucks I got from that lady and buying a pizza at Za-Time Pizza which is a new pizza place that I am connected to in a pretty cool way (not cool enough for me to say). I bought it, and took it over to Chris's house to share. We watched The Dark Knight and it was cool. THE END.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Celebratory day of my birth

What do ya know, December 18th has once again rolled around. I am still living at home, and I suppose this is where God wants me. I am okay with that for the most part.....slightly unsettled, but nothing big. I dunno.....I am 22 now though.

My day started off by me picking my sister up from her girl friends house, and taking her to work. She has no car right now because it is getting fixed. I wanted to take a picture of her in my car, but I totally forgot to do so. SO, I snapped a picture of her seat right after the fact.Once I dropped her off I went to school to my parking garage of choice. I spent some time reading this book I started yesterday. I really like it a lot.When 11:00AM rolled around I headed over to Snider for some contact work. It was real good.

Back to work, then after work I went to Dave Church where Dave was having an open house of sorts. He put a column in the local newspaper for a couple small towns, and told people to come on out for food, and talk, and fun. It was all that and more. I got to see some old friends, and enjoyed it quite heavily. My birthday was, well pretty freaking average, but I suppose I forced that. Goodbye

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BLOG from ER

Well, I took my last final this morning, and now i'm sitting in the ER, about to get my monthly infusion(m/s medicine). I have about 3 hours to sit here and read this book my friend phil gave me to read b/c he said it was amazing. I am am stoked to start this thing. :-)


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my toof feewls fuanny

Most of the morning after work took place in the Library, but I forgot to go to take my phone this morning, so I didn't get to take a picture from the library. But, there were books, and some desks, and people around being quiet and what not.

After the jam session a.k.a. study session, I had to go to the dentist to get a filling. I so wish I would have had my phone, because there are no pictures better than dentist pictures than I like to share. When I left the dentist, my eye looked like this>>>I don't know why the heck it does this every once and a while. It just gets extremely bloodshot in one confined area, and stays that way for an extended period of time. Doesn't hurt, isn't dry or anything like that. Just gets really really bloodshot...very strange Also, my friggin mouth hurt like crazy. Silly filling had me feeling numb and enlarged, although one couldn't tell just by outward appearance. I took 2 pictures to illustrate what I am talking about.

This one is how I looked>>This one depicts how I felt>>>

After dentist, I went back home for a little bit more study time. And then headed back to work. At work we got some snow finally. I stayed an hour later than I am supposed to because it took so long for parents to get to school ta pick up their kids. I had to get home because I agreed to be a servor for my moms Christmas party for her *stitch group*(group of ladies/close friends that have been meeting for "ages" to talk, eat, and do crafts and what not). They all get each other X-Mas gifts, and instead of my mom getting the gal's physical gifts, she made them one amazing dinner. I served the food, wine, and was just a very handsome gentlemen to enjoy looking at. ;o)I snuck this picture while my mom was praying over dinner. They had a grand~ole~time tonight.

And of course, the SERVER!! Yes, literally feet away from the room where my mom and her friends were having dinner, I sat my phone down, struck a pose, and snapped a picture of myself to share with the world. SOAK IT UP!! Kidding, but seriously, just lap this up because it is filling. I'm just playing, but in all honesty, immensely enjoy this.

When I was dismissed I went over to Chris's new apartment. I did this for a couple of reasons.
  • I wanted to drive in the snow
  • I wanted to play GTA 4
  • I wanted to give Chris some food that my mom made for her party, because he friggin loves my moms cooking (as does the greater majority of anyone who can taste)
  • did I mention I love driving in snow?
So, yea, it was a good day.