Friday, December 05, 2008

a servents heart

The day started off cold. It was something like 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside this morning as I started my car. I know that is not where near as cold as some places this time of year, BUT, for me, it was a chilly start to my day.

I went to work and then off to school as usual. Friday only has English class on the agenda. While I was there, my Prof. Tom A.K.A. (TK), reminded me of the 'mass' that would be held at St. Joseph Hospital. I say reminded because he told me about this at the end of last week, I think Friday. Well, I told him I had some things to take care of, but that I would be there. It is a Catholic 'club' he is a member of called The Serra Club. Now I have attended one previously, and enjoyed it quite a lot. Mostly because I was creating a friendship with a very kind and loving man that I enjoy and get a lot out of, but also because it is an interesting look into what Catholicism is really all about. Sometimes it is easy to get cought up in the "typical catholic" mind set, that you never really see how Christ is working through something that may seem unfamiliar. I have attended this before, and ate with the Bishop of these parts (Fort Wayne, and Notre Dame area). ~CLICK HERE~ to see what I am talking about.

Okay, so class got out, and it was time for me to take care of my Ski's and Boot fitting. So, that is just what I did. I drove to the South side of town to The Ski Pole, owned by a former high school German teacher.Yep, The Ski Pole has everything. Quickly, I was told to take a seat by Mr. Lutz (former teacher) and the warming began.It was pretty cool, he stuck my boots in this machine that heated the insides of them up, and then strapped them to my feet where the coutours of my feet formed the insides. Very cozy. Now they fit great, and it is good stuff. Makes me even more excited to go Ski next Friday!

When I got done fitting my boots and what not, I went directly to St. Joseph Hospital, where I met Tom in the parking garage. We went in together and had a nice service. It was delievered by a chapplain that is the main man at a local Catholic University called The University of St. Francis. The message was on the two blind men, although I have found that mass does not spend too much time on the actual Biblical story. There are lots of time expensive strings that must be pulled, such as their communion/breakin of the bread/repetative reading/etc. To me it seems very robot like, but as Tom has explained it, it is not that way at all for him. It internally means so much more.After the service, we went down and ate lunch and a lady Tom called Sister....ummmm......Sister, well it was something like Sister Eliese. But I either spelled that horribly wrong, or that is not right at all. She spoke about what is going on at SFU, and gave a good update for the SERRA club. I listened. :-)

After I left the hospital, I went home for like all of 28 seconds (or so it seemed), and was back off to work. I played with little kids and it was good like usual. When I got out of work, I went to Tony & Josh's place. They were rubbing the wax off their boards, getting them ready for Ski time on Fri. I went over and got in good with the whole ski prep. It felt good to be able to prepare my own personal pair of ski's. YESS!! Then, while finishing up the first buffing job I have ever done, I got a call from my best friend Jared. He had a situation, and needed me to give him a ride. Jared is Nicky's brother, you remember Nicky...If you don't, well ~CLICK HERE~. So, yea, jared needed help getting his moms car out of the school parking lot. I am not going to go into the why, or the how, but it was something that needed to be taken care of, and he choose me to be the friend to help. This made me very proud. VERY PROUD!We got'er, and took her home. Jared & I said hello to Nick for a bit, who was blasting bad guys on Call of Duty 5, and then we took off. On my way to taking Jared home, I got a text from my sister's fiance John, and he told me that they needed help with this months rent. I gladly told him sure, and went to the ATM. Took the money to John & Brandy, hung out for a bit, and went home. A servent of Christ helps where he/she can, loves everywhere, and attempts to live every situation for Christ. I still fail though. I know I will never not fail, but I still fail in things that I sometimes think I should have a hold on. I then realize I, ME, MIKEY, will never have a hold on something, especially a spiritual battle. That only Christ through me can accomplish these things. I realize more and more that when I fail, it is because I do not allow Christ to enter the equation. I fail when (I) try to take care of whatever "it" is. That's all I got for today.


Debbie said...

Good for you - attending a different religious service with an open mind. I enjoy seeing how much we all have in common.

Anonymous said...

catholicism is every bit as "christian" and relevant as yours, or any other religion, as long as we are all worshipping God, RIGHT?...You have to be the most judgemental person of anyone who does or believes any differant way than you that i have ever seen.
Having the holy spirit in you, and God working in and through you means you have understanding and acceptance of ALL PEOPLE, and ALL RELIGIONS, despite what you believe. You strike me as a very goog person, with great intentions, and a potentially great future. Being more open to other ideas, and being less worried about tooting your own horn might help you make that next spiritual step. Shouldn't we all do good and help others because we want to, and its the right thing to do, not for any self glory or ego satisfaction. Just a observation. Gods Blessings, and Happy Holidays

Mikey said...

To ANONYMOUS: do you even read my words? I enjoyed the Catholic MASS very much, when I said "TO ME, it all seemed very robot like," I meant that because...well you would be extremely unaware as a NON-CATHOLIC to not view it that way. When I looked at the service through TOM's eyes, I saw it as something completely different. So by your standards, I should completely accept Latter Day Saints, Jehovah's Witnesses,Daoism,Buddhism and the many other sacrilegious faith's? I shake my head as I write this. You do not observe with intent to better anyone, you just like to argue.

Anonymous said...

am not intent on being argumentive with you, but i think if you stepped back and read your posts with a open mind you would see that there is a distinct note of self gratification and self congratulation on your part for all your good deeds and patting your back for what you do..You do good things for alot of people and i give you great props for that. You seem to be a caring person who is trying to make a differance. But, you have a tendency to give the impression of looking down on others who are not as "enlightened" as you, and that you somehow need to save them from their lives. Why are you not in seminary school, or studying to be a teacher in a religious setting if you feel you can touch so many lives. Why when you speak of your upcoming ski trip do you feel the need to mention that they are old friends that you did wild things and made bad decisions with, or that they still make bad decisions. These are just observers questions, not someone intent on argueing. Do you need to end every post response that you dont like with a sarcastic comment? accepting constructive and objective opinions from others is a good quality to have. Mikey i think you are a much better person than me. you dont know me and i dont know you personally, just from your blog. You have a potential gift that you can share with many people, but you have to be willing to accept people questioning you without becoming defiant or defensive.Just my rant, please respond and let me know if you would prefer me to shut up and quit posting..I will respect your opinion and response. As always my best wishes to you

Mikey said...

I would be extremely sad if you quit posting. I do get extremely defensive. Sometimes I take criticism as someone telling me i'm not good enough....something I used to, and still maybe struggle with. Your points of preponderance always make me think, and take my subjective outtakes on specific things in my life to the next level. I think my BLOG would be greatly lacking if you stopped commenting. Please do not stop, do not even tweak your thought process in the slightest bit. I will remember that in the future and react differently. Your words are kind ANONYMOUS, and I know you do not intentionally mean to degrade any part of me.