Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So I had to get my last minute shopping done today. It was rough and tough because WALL-MART IS AN INSANE ASYLUM!!I will have to make a mental note of this for next year after I have procrastinated doing my shopping, and try to stay clear of the Wall-Mart blues. This is my grandma Ernsberger (mom's mom), she has Parkinson's & is the most beautiful of women. I was sitting with her, helping by wiping up the drool coming out of her mouth and talking with her about life, Christ, and things. I decided to give my Grandpa a break for a while so he could go and enjoy family. Ya see, the muscles in her throat sometimes don't work very well. When she trys to swallow, it doesn't go down, it all just comes back up. I love my Grandma so much. She remembers when I was a little boy, and she used to change my diapers, and I told her I owed this to her. That, and I love her so much I would wipe drool any day.This little girl is Natalie, held up by her mother Angie. Natalie is a miracle baby because she has just been through everything you could possibly imagine. So many heart surgeries, and is just a little over a year old. God has protected this little one, and I remember hearing the first news that something was wrong. And to see her in front of me smiling and living strong, well it is such strong proof that God is at work in his children. Such absolute me anyways.This is the Hands. The big guy is my cousin, Tim hand, and his family. They are all from Alaska, and it is just such a sweet Christmas gift to see them. It was a good Christmas Eve, and boy ohh boy did I set my mom and dad up for some good gifts tomorrow. It is funny, because when I was a little boy, my parents stayed up extremely late preparing and wrapping gifts. Tonight, I was the one who stayed up late and wrapped and prepared things for tomorrow. I will share tomorrow how I got things all sweet and prepared. But, for now the Christmas ~hush~ must take over.

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