Sunday, December 28, 2008

The love was thick today!!

This was the bridge that I was on yesterday when I made that video. I was coming from the other direction, and just opened my door which would have been to the guard rail to the right in the picture above. This is how the bridge is suppose to look, lol. yesterday was an exception.

Today started off slow, and that is not a complaint. I love that my winter break has been very laid back and chill. It is a nice change. The freedom to roam and do as I wish is quite nice. So, before school got over, my English professor Tom had invited me to a house party. I have much of Tom in my BLOGG, if you don't remember who he is, then just follow this link to a ~PAST POST~. Anyways, I was feeling very anxious to go to this party. It was very strange, ever sense I woke up this morning, I had this little voice inside me telling me not to go. It was totally bizarre because I couldn't understand why. I love going to parties, and I love TOM. It only seemed natural that I go. I mean, I love people, and I knew that the people that would be at a party that Tom would have would be of the highest quality of people, so I just couldn't figure out WHY I had inner tension about going. Well, I didn't have an answer until after I left. It was all clear as I walked from Tom's front door to my car. Check out these pictures, and I will share why.
Ya see, it was a great party. The people were past student's of Tom, and some of his close friends. A great bunch would be a massive understatement. I got to talking with a couple. He was a past high school student of Tom's. A very nice pair. Anyways, I shared a little bit of my story. How M/S impacted my life, and how Jesus has become the central focal point for me. Well, Tom overheard me speaking, and quickly came and asked if I would be willing to share in front of everyone. I agreed and before ya know it, everyone was gathered around the table. I started talking, and told about how M/S kind of brought me into who I am today. I talked about how through struggles I realized that I had to SURRENDER and allow Christ to take the steering wheel. It is not what Mikey wants, but what HE wants. This is why I was attacked before the party (Satan will poke at you). I am so thankful for Tom. I believe everyone in that room would agree that Tom is the definition of sincere love. It just pours out of him, and he is a true living inspiration to me. An example of what it looks like to genuinely care about people from all walks of life.After the party, I went over to my sister's house. Her fiance is going to be selling Kirby's and wanted to know if he could give me his line of bull....I mean he wanted to test out his salesmen skills on me. I agreed, and the whole time I thought to myself, "no one is going to buy one of these when the economy is good, why in the heck would they buy it now??" But, I listened and we will see. Good thing he is going back to school though. ;-)

Also, a really really good thing happened today. I am going to be taking a kid to so sking on the 3rd, and well my car is not the best choice for a trip to Michigan. It doesn't have cruise, my ski's won't fit in it, and it get's really bumpy when you go over 65MPH. Well, TOM, a Young Life staff member agreed to let me use his car for the trip. I AM SO EXCITED!! If anyone wants to pray for the trip, it is on the 3rd, and his name is Brandin.

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Greg said...

Hi, Mikey! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week! Sorry that it took me so long to drop by.

It's so awesome that you had a chance to witness at that party! Sometimes it's hard to tell whether certain thoughts come from the Lord or some other source. The Bible tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of a sound mind, so you were totally right to ignore the fearful thoughts. :)

My mom also has MS, and I e-mailed my dad about the drug you're taking; it may help her, too. I'll be praying for your health, as well.

My wife and I spent a summer in Ft. Wayne, interning at ITT Industries. I myself spent 2.5 years in Indiana, while I was attenting Purdue, in West Lafayette. It's a nice area, but my wife could not endure the humidity in the summer.

Another thing we have in common is Young Life. I participated for about a year, during high school, but I was not ready for a relationship with Jesus then. Thinking back on it, most of the folks I was interacting with had a hard time truly reflecting Jesus in their lives. I saw them as no different from non-believers, except that they spent time in boring churches or reading a boring book. That's why it's so important for us to reflect Jesus in our lives, so we can be a strong witness to those around us.