Thursday, December 04, 2008

Love it!

Today was pretty friggin awesome. I went to work, then class, and when I got done with my Philosophy class I had lunch plans with my buddy Brandin. If you are a long time follower, long time meaning HARDCORE follower. ;-), the best kind of follower. You will remember that Brandin and I created a relationship last year through me just visiting Snider High School and hanging out with him and his g/f at lunch. Well, just by loving this guy and treating him the way I would want to be treated, I established a relationship with him. Over the summer, he had to get some community service done and at the time I worked for a church so I told him to come on over and that I would do the community service right along side him. ~CLICK ME~ to see what I am talking about. Then, back in September we met up at fazolis to get some grub and just kind of catch up on things, ~CLICK ME~ to see what that all entailed. Well, yesterday he contacted me again. We planned to meet up at some wings place for lunch @ 12:30, and that is what we did. He had to get a lot off his shoulders, and I was happy to listen. This time was different. This time I got to share the message of Christ, and how He has had an impact on my life. I love situations where I can share my heart, especially when ears are receptive. Brandin is a good guy, and I am really glad we have been able to establish a friendship. It never ceases to amaze me how God puts everything together in life.Yessir, good God. After we were done meeting up, I went back to work, then after work I went to school to try to get started on my last 3 papers of the semester. They are for Philosophy, and I just need to be in the right frame of mind to get them done. I will probably just wakt up early on Saturday and bang um out. I am currently at school right now, it is 8:15, and time for me to go home and eat some food and pass out.

PEACE my friends, well, Grace & Peace!!

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