Monday, December 29, 2008'oh!!

Yes, those are the words that come out of my mouth every time I move the wrong way. Today, I did not have to work because there was not enough kids at the Y for me to come in. I decided I would take my friend George up on seeing the new movie "The Yes Man." But, first I wanted to go work out. I did just that, and when I was doing my usual dumb bell bench presses with 70 lb weights in each hand, I made a very very big mistake. I lifted with my back instead of my legs. :o( I am paying the price big time because I am in intense pain, and over the counter pain reliever is doing nothing to sooth my discomfort.
This picture does a very good job of showing exactly where all my pain is coming from.

After I caused the yucky ouchy, I went to meet my friend George at the theater. I have been hanging out with George lately. He has had somewhat of a change of heart concerning his ways. Well, I told him I want to be there to be a friend and just attempt to influence him in whatever ways I can. I took him to Dave church 2 Sundays ago, and he really liked that.So we watched the movie and it was pretty funny....except for one part that was extremely inappropriate and down right disgusting and out of place. When the movie was over we were chatting a bit in the parking lot. I shared with him the story of my feelings about the party yesterday. He said that it hit pretty close to home and that it really meant something to him. Later on he texted me and wondered if I would go with him to help him pick out a devotional. Of course I said YES! After the movie I got a pizza and went to my friend Chris's house. He got some new games and I told him I would check them out and bring over a pizza. On my way to pick up the pizza, I had to go to the bathroom real bad. I knew the pizza place didn't have a bathroom for public use, so I stopped at a near by Dairy Queen. There were 2 ladies working, and after I got out of the restroom I approached one of them. I don't know exactly why, but I looked at one of them right in the eye smiled, and told her she was beautiful (the other girl was on her headset) and that I hoped she would have a very excellent evening. She looked up with this look of humble appreciation, and I smiled one last time and left to pick up the pizza. Maybe she needed to hear that, I really don't know.

My back hurts like crazy, I hope I can fall asleep tonight.

Ta Ta!!


Dmitri Kuznetsov said...

I hope you will get better.

Anonymous said...

who wouldnt like to get a compliment like that? probably made her day. you are a very enjoyable young man to read about and i hope you continue happily on your journey. now didn't that feel good? thats what you did for her. hope your back gets better too

Megan said...

mikey, you are such a nice guy. I hope your back pain goes away! :)