Saturday, December 06, 2008

let it snow BABY!!!

Yes, today was the first official "real" snow of the year by my standards. Although it is not deep enough yet to cover up the tops of the grass, I will still consider it a "real" snow.Today, I really wished that my E-Brake worked, so I could so totally take advantage of this snow in a big way. BUT, I can't, so it is alright, I will just wreck some other car in the future.

Today, after I got done with my first of three philosophy papers, I went out to do a little bit of lazer tagging. Yes, I went with one of the other Young Life leaders, and a bunch of Young Life kids. Twas real fun!This is the briefing room, where you gather before they send you on in.This is my friend the Sentinel. If you stand in his way when the lazer goes off, you get deducted many, many points. It was very difficult to get this picture, I actually had -350 points that specific game. My average score was about 11,000. :-)

i'm going to bed.


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