Monday, December 08, 2008


FACES: By Ryan

This is video number (#) 2. I hope you enjoyed the short little video called INVISIBLE that my friend Tom made. I posted it yesterday. My friend Ryan put this one together. The title, as it clearly states above is FACES. I love this one mostly because I am in it. Just kidding!! No, but seriously that is really why I like it so much. HA!! Got ya.....but seriously. I realized this too. Unless you are just infatuated with humans (like me), then this video might not be too cool to you. I know the greater majority of people in this video, so it kind of has extra meaning to me.

Today after I got out of work, I went and took care of some final gathering of items for SKI trip. I got some awesome ski goggles. They were having a huge sale at MC Sports that I hit up. The goggles are sweet!! Double layered for extra ~no fog~ protection. Check it out.Oh yes, I love it. I am going to rock that SKI hill on Friday. I am seriously getting excited like a little school girl. WHOOP WHOOP!!

After work, I went home early. I went home early because they are cutting hours. :-( It is frustrating, but God is bigger than my pay check, and I am at peace with that side of it. The part I am struggling with is the fact that I feel extremely unappreciated. That part does not feel good. I even put in extra hours (on my own time) to try to get my regular hours back (it's complicated), and still receive nothing for it. Well, not yet anyways. When I say receive, I mean receive my original hours back. That is my goal.

Then I went to BSF later in the evening. It was really good, and will be the last one until the first of the year when we start up again. I have a book I am going to read, and other things that will keep me spiritually active while BSF is not in session.

Then I went to the YMCA to work out. I felt it was time for a picture of me @ the YMCA. I'm just sorry I couldn't bring a picture of me flexing my muscles in all their glory. It was just too difficult trying to lift the weight and snap the picture at the same time.

Ya know, sometimes I am so unsure of what I am suppose to do, it just drives me crazy. At times, I just have no clue what God wants me to do. On specific situations. There are things in my life, where I just throw my arms up, and question things. Not Truth, but things in life. Like, when I think I am doing right, excuse me, when I think I am doing Right, but there comes this mind-set of extreme unsureness. Well, what do you do then? Would it be better to do nothing that it would be to do something that you are extremely unsure about? This is plaguing me tonight as I fall asleep. Guarantee I will be thinking this as I enter into zzzZZZ Town.

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