Sunday, December 14, 2008

dave church was good

After I caught up on some much needed sleep till about 12:30 or 1, I got myself around, took Matt to the movies, and then cleaned my dad's van. Once it got around time for me to go to Dave church, I got in the shower, and headed off to where I needed to be. There was a big surprise at Dave church a.k.a. Life Light Ministries. Well, when I was ohhh a freshmen or maybe not quite a freshmen, I went on a missions trip to Mexico. The Mexican leader person who helped get things done and took care of a lot of the logistics, well his name was Alberto. In the picture with Dave, the guy sitting to his left is Alberto. It was awesome tonight because I got to hear from Daves heart, as well as Alberto's. I remember Alberto's wife from the trip. She made the most amazing food. Well, I found out tonight that she died of liver cancer in late 2005. I heard Alberto speak over dinner about how it impacted his ministry, and how God used something unexplainably horrible to further the kingdom of Christ.

Tonight was so awesome because we laid hands on each other, and prayed for each individual. God just spoke through the hearts of everyone who was there. I love this life I live. I screw up and I can always do better. But this life I live, even when it is at it's worse, is something I am so happy for. The worst day of my life in Christ, is far better than the best day of my life away from Christ. I am falling on my knees tonight before I go to bed for some specific prayer requests. My friend Britt asked if I would pray for her while she studies for a HUGE test tomorrow. One that will decide if all these years of hard work and what not paid off in nursing school. I guess it is super duper important. She has her test @ 2:15.

I am praying for Alberto as he makes the very long trip back to Mexico.

I am praying for myself, that I may become a better servant for Christ.

I am asking forgiveness for my shortcomings, and asking Christ to show me how I need to improve areas of my life that I still stumble in.

I am thanking Christ for my parents and family.

Among other things. Thanks for reading, G'Night!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for being you Mikey

You are Loved
Dave Pelz