Monday, December 15, 2008

study time...or is it

Okay, so I have my last test of the year on Wednesday. It is not a final, although it is the final test for this class. I needed to study for it like all day...some how I ended up like this. My body was just so beat, I dunno. I hardly watch T.V. too, so this was strange, but check it out.
Yes, but once I got my head on straight, I knew I had to get down and dirty with the study stuff. So, after work I headed to school to get my study on. But.....on my way there I remembered that my friend Chris got a new apartment, and I told him on the ski trip that I would stop by and check it out. Well, I did just that. It is a really nice apartment. Maybe slightly overpriced, but nice none the less. And guess what...I stayed there till about 11:15PM, and didn't actually make it to school to study. DANG!! I guess tomorrow will just have to be a cram session.

School is ending very well though. I got my ENGLISH papers back, all of which were A's! It was great, I was so happy. I got a 99% on my final OLS paper. Umm, I just got really good graded this semester. I just have to finish off my OLS class on a high note. My final test is on Wednesday @ 9:00AM, but I will be ready after I cram hardcore tomorrow. FER SHIZZLE!!

I'm 21, have a huge heart, and am extremely single. Why, I say why am I so single??


Megan said...

aww mike, i'm sure you will find someone. You are a great guy and it's only a matter of time! :)

Mikey said...

thanks Megan.