Thursday, December 11, 2008


~for 12/10/08~ (YESTERDAY)
Okay, this post was suppose to be for yesterday. That is why it is not completely official looking. Ya see I blogged form bed yesterday, and well I did not wait to hear the reply message. I passed out before it came. The reply message told me that the post was unsuccessful. DO'OH! No big deal though. I think this post will suffice.

Anyways, Today (referring to Yesterday), wow this could be confusing. Little do you know I do this all the time on the blogs that get posted and say, "WILL UPDATE TOMORROW." But today was a good day. I went to Snider (High School I do contact work at for Young Life), and talked/chilled with many kids. I found Nicky in C lunch, and we chatted it up a bit in the hall.I thought it was really good because Nick is honest with me. That makes a relationship with anyone so much easier, but especially with a high schooler, who has a tremendous amount of things going through their mind at any given second. Honesty makes a "real"relationship so much easier. Nick always seems to be honest with me, a little held back maybe, but honest none the less.
After I left Snider, I had a small amount of time to kill. I went to school and studied a bit for my final test in OLS. Well, first I procrastinated as much as possible of course.

Went to work, and then....

CLUB today was the last one of the year/semester. It was good because at the end all of the leaders stood up and spoke a bit to the kids about a specific subject. I talked about prayer and how it has impacted my life and relationship with Christ. It was awesome, and I felt like the kids eyes were linked on me. They were 'hearing' what I was saying, not just listening. After CLUB got over, I went to my friend Bruce's house, where Joe (fellow YL leader in training, but only for temporary time b/c he is going into military) was also. Bruce is a long time friend, and Joe is a new friend. Joe knows Bruce because they work with each other.We nerded it up a bit playing video games and listening to Bruce's amazing stereo system. Bruce has always been a speaker and technology kind of guy. I went home and passed out. PASSED OUT!!

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