Tuesday, December 23, 2008

complacent strandedness

If I was one of the cows in this picture, I would be all, "you think that

fence can hold me in? You have got to be kidding me man, I could

take out that fence like it was nothing, that fence might as well not be

there." Yea, if only I were cow, that is what I would say.

I cannot justify the title of this BLOG post. I think that a part of me just wanted to have a title that was interesting and wills you to read the post.... It is sad conversely, because now I am using words that I probably should not be using. It won’t stop there either, soon odd nouns will join in just because they can be used, not because they should be or because they have any logical place. The word BECAUSE will be used far too much, just because (SEE!) I can. If only I had a salsify (a long earth-colored edible root of a plant of the daisy family, which is said to have a taste resembling oysters, cooked as a vegetable) to suck on. Then I would be able to keep my taste buds busy. WOW, mind is racing, thoughts are meaningless, what is happening?? Ohh, I know, I am having fun being myself on my BLOG. Something I often take too seriously. Well, this is me, and maybe I will come along more often. But, what if people don't like the wondering Mikey?? What if they think I am strange? Well, I suppose that is just a risk I am willing to take. Yes, hello there.

Anyways, today at work, we took the kids for a walk. We took them for a walk down the streets of Fort Wayne, to Headwaters Park. It was cold, it was windy, it was cold, and cold, but I have noticed that little kids are incredibly resilient, and FOR SOME, it takes a lot to bother them. Here is a picture of the walk. You better believe that yours truly was the leader!! A lot of trust in that position. Good thing I am not crazy....

It was a fun walk, little kids are so extremely entertaining to me. I just "get them," and can always fit in. I think that is something to boast about. If it's not, I am going to do it anyways.

We got to Headwaters Park, and they had a blast. I really like being in charge. I know it is not a big position, and it is not like I am in charge of a group in an organization, but I enjoy the position of gaining respect, setting guidelines, and watching over a group of little kids. I like the responsibility that comes with the job, and love to play with little kids. It's good stuff.

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Megan said...

i for one like your random posts and looks like you had fun in headwaters! :)