Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my toof feewls fuanny

Most of the morning after work took place in the Library, but I forgot to go to take my phone this morning, so I didn't get to take a picture from the library. But, there were books, and some desks, and people around being quiet and what not.

After the jam session a.k.a. study session, I had to go to the dentist to get a filling. I so wish I would have had my phone, because there are no pictures better than dentist pictures than I like to share. When I left the dentist, my eye looked like this>>>I don't know why the heck it does this every once and a while. It just gets extremely bloodshot in one confined area, and stays that way for an extended period of time. Doesn't hurt, isn't dry or anything like that. Just gets really really bloodshot...very strange Also, my friggin mouth hurt like crazy. Silly filling had me feeling numb and enlarged, although one couldn't tell just by outward appearance. I took 2 pictures to illustrate what I am talking about.

This one is how I looked>>This one depicts how I felt>>>

After dentist, I went back home for a little bit more study time. And then headed back to work. At work we got some snow finally. I stayed an hour later than I am supposed to because it took so long for parents to get to school ta pick up their kids. I had to get home because I agreed to be a servor for my moms Christmas party for her *stitch group*(group of ladies/close friends that have been meeting for "ages" to talk, eat, and do crafts and what not). They all get each other X-Mas gifts, and instead of my mom getting the gal's physical gifts, she made them one amazing dinner. I served the food, wine, and was just a very handsome gentlemen to enjoy looking at. ;o)I snuck this picture while my mom was praying over dinner. They had a grand~ole~time tonight.

And of course, the SERVER!! Yes, literally feet away from the room where my mom and her friends were having dinner, I sat my phone down, struck a pose, and snapped a picture of myself to share with the world. SOAK IT UP!! Kidding, but seriously, just lap this up because it is filling. I'm just playing, but in all honesty, immensely enjoy this.

When I was dismissed I went over to Chris's new apartment. I did this for a couple of reasons.
  • I wanted to drive in the snow
  • I wanted to play GTA 4
  • I wanted to give Chris some food that my mom made for her party, because he friggin loves my moms cooking (as does the greater majority of anyone who can taste)
  • did I mention I love driving in snow?
So, yea, it was a good day.

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