Sunday, December 21, 2008

the day the ICE took over

Well, the back yard was impacted greatly by this ice storm that just recently flew threw. I am afraid to say we lost some good~ole~boys. Yes, they fell hard and will not be getting back up. I have some pictures to depict what I am talking about.The first picture shows a nice fella who was just enjoying the Ice, not hurting a flea. Well, his life came to an end when the wind picked up and decided the time for him to stand was OVER. Now his friend is depicted in the second picture. He tried to do the right thing and stand firm for his friend. In all actuality, he will eventually fall too. There is just way too much weight pushing on him....his days are numbered. The third picture is the tree that had no chance. If he had a name, maybe it would be frank. Maybe it would be Ron. I don't know for sure, but I know he will lay and wait until it becomes warmer, where I will take a chain saw to him and lay him aside to dry out. That is that.

I thought about a really neat parable or metaphor to equate pine tree's and their short root systems to that of a new Christian. BUT, for the sake of not sounding like a pompous ass, I decided not to share it (it was good, but possibly just bad timing). Farewell good tree's, you served well to the forest creatures that used you to eat in and poop from.

Matt update

I have good news. I have been praying, along with my parents and a few people that I have informed about Matt's situation. Praying that God do what he needs to do in Matt's life. Not what I think should happen, not what my parents think should happen, but that God's will be done. (big breath/sigh), that is taking a step in faith to be able to say and believe that. Because believing that allows the reality that times may get really tough for Matt. BUT, as a friend and I were coming from Dave Church, I got a phone call. At 8:26PM, Matt called me and informed me that he had made some mistakes, and realized that my parents and I had his best interest at heart the whole time. He asked if he could come back home, because he has had a really bad past two days. With a smile on my face and almost a tear in my eye, I assured him he would be welcomed home. He got home, and said how he was in desperate need of sleep. He promised us he would talk tomorrow, and it was left at that. He mentioned some of the things he was doing, and he did mess up. But, I have been there and done that. I needed unconditional love, and TONS OF PATIENCE. I would be king hyprocrit if I did not treat him the same way. That is that from my end. Love, love, love is what I must show.

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