Wednesday, December 03, 2008

teeth, Young Life, and preperation

Today I got into the dentist. It was a pretty awesome process actually. Yes, I take pictures of myself while I am in the dentist chair. I had quite a good chat with a lady in the waiting room as well as the lady who cleaned my teeth. To be perfectly honest, I think that I could have a good conversation with just about any person who agrees to talk with me. Really, anyone. The cleaned my teeth, then he grounded a little bit down because I have been having some pain in the upper part of my gum. Turns out, there was a little place on my upper tooth that my lower teeth were catching on. It was causing all kinds of disruption. GOT ER FIXED THOUGH!! He grounded that bad boy down and now I am good to go. My mouth feels so much better now. Nothing but smiles here, nice and clean smiles.

I didn't have a chance to go to Snider (school I do contact work at) to see all my friends, because of the dentist appt. By the way, I called the dentist to re-schedule my appt, I was expecting at least a 2 or 3 week minimum. She tells me, "can you make it here at 11:20?" I said yes, budda bing, budda boom teeth being cleaned within 2 hours of phone call.

After dat, I went to YOUNG LIFE!!! Which got me in a really good mood.Even though I am constantly left out because I am quite different (personality wise, taste in music wise, everything wise) I always feel kind of left out with my fellow YL people. They are either married with children, or extremely different. I still love um though. They make amazing people, and are awesome vessels for the Lord. For that I tip my hat to. Like this skit that Tom (left) and Ryan (right) put on for the kids. Cheezy, yet awesome.

I stayed after and chatted with kids for a bit. We gave the cross talk, and it was powerful for me. It is always powerful for me. BUT, I have the Holy Spirit dwelling within me, so it is a bit different for my eyes to watch something like that.

When I left, I headed over to my friends house Josh & Tony, where Jeremy (all people going on ski trip) was there all getting their gear ready. I wished I had my ski's so badly, but I can be patient.I have known these guys for quite some time. I use to run with them in high school when I made bad decisions in life. They don't have Christ as the center of their lives, and the 12th (ski trip) is going to be a great witnessing opportunity. I just always feel so much more comfortable around my non-Christian friends. I can be myself, which is usually kind of crazy. Well, it is actually extremely crazy. That is my personality. My friends who know me best refer to it as, "The Mikey Experience." I am always on the edge. Loving God, but just an intense personality. When I am around my Christian friends, I always feel like I am holding myself back a little bit. Like I have to live up to a standard. It is strange, but I love all my friends.


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