Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this day in my life I.....

The day started off with my back hurting a lot. This is a lesson painfully learned. I did however, do something about it. I went to Clark Chiropractor and he started working on me. Here is the waiting room....I love the chiropractor, and have known him and his family for a while. His youngest son STEVE was a year older than me in high school, and although not close close friends, we were very cool with each other. The Clark family has always been an example of a very "together" close knit family to me. Not that there is any real sustenance to that sentence, or meaning, but just a stereotypical example of a close knit Christian family. Here is me after he wrenched on my back for a while. They put these warming/muscle spasming (spelling?) things on my back and let them go to town for 10min. The nurse agreed to take a picture of it for me. The actual metal shockers were on my skin, ten I had layers of towels and those weights you see on top there. It felt pretty good, pretty darn good.

Well, after that I went with my friend George to a Christian book store. George is trying to get his life back together from 3 or so years of heaving drinking and drug use and knows I made that change, so I try to be as much as possible an encouragement and helper next to him. Anyways, he wanted to get a devotional after I explained to him how vitally important it is to be in the word. So I told him I would go with him to help him pick one out. We did, and we will see how he likes it.

Then we went back to his house to babysit his niece Kieran.Then we went to Best Buy because he wanted to get a video. Then we watched the video. Then I went to hang out with Nicky. I got Nicky to agree to agree to leave his house and trust me for his New Years Eve. I have got something planned that is very unique. It could fail miserably, or he could remember it for the rest of his life. Hummm, it will be interesting. :-)I love this shot of Nick and video game in the back ground. Captures the essence of the scene. I'm just grateful I can experience Nick's life with him. And you will just have to tune in to see how the New Years Plan pans out.

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