Tuesday, December 02, 2008

all ski prepped and ready to rock some slopes

This is post number 700!! I can not believe that I have stuck with this whole BLOG thing for a whopping SEVEN-HUNDRED posts. It really is my release zone. When I am looking back on my day, it allows me to stop, breathe, and focus on someone I constantly seem to avoid.....ME!!
Well, today I did something slightly out of the ordinary for me. Slightly out of the ordinary lately anyways. I got me some SKI gear. Wow, did God bless me with the right prices and people. I got these ski's along with perfectly good binding for only $30.oo!If you look closely at this picture, you will see that I am standing on the trunk of my car. My car was sitting in the parking lot of MC Sports. I couldn't get a good shot of the blades, so I just stood on the trunk to take it. People gave me those "strange googly eyes," but I say it was worth it. After I got these blades, I am thinking to myself. Well, I leave on the 12th for a 2 day ski fest weekend in Northern MI. with friends, "hummmmmm should I just splurge and get some really awesome totally cool SKI-BOOT's?" I called my old German teachers ski shop here in Fort Wayne, and asked if he would take a look at the blades, and talk boots with me. He said sure thing, and so when I got out of work I went right to the Ski Pole (shop Mr. Lutz owns). It was so good to see him again, and he said blades are great, and gave me %40 off of a pair of last years boots. They look, feel, and work perfectly fine, so I BOUGHT THEM!!I am excited to have nice boots, and blades, and am extremely excited to use them. My day was also extremely good as well. Right now in my BIBLE STUDY (BSF), well the main study is over the life of Moses. This weeks lesson was over the Tabernackle. Now, this could be extremely boring if you had it in your mind that it would be. BUT, when you allow the Holy Spirit to do the work in you that Christ longs to do, well boring becomes interesting, and lessons invade your every focus. That happened to me while I was at the YMCA riding the bike hard for 35 minutes while I read the notes. God amazes me everywhere. :-) Truly he does.

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Megan said...

that sounds like you are going to have so much fun! :) I've never been skiing before but I've always wanted to go.