Thursday, December 18, 2008

Celebratory day of my birth

What do ya know, December 18th has once again rolled around. I am still living at home, and I suppose this is where God wants me. I am okay with that for the most part.....slightly unsettled, but nothing big. I dunno.....I am 22 now though.

My day started off by me picking my sister up from her girl friends house, and taking her to work. She has no car right now because it is getting fixed. I wanted to take a picture of her in my car, but I totally forgot to do so. SO, I snapped a picture of her seat right after the fact.Once I dropped her off I went to school to my parking garage of choice. I spent some time reading this book I started yesterday. I really like it a lot.When 11:00AM rolled around I headed over to Snider for some contact work. It was real good.

Back to work, then after work I went to Dave Church where Dave was having an open house of sorts. He put a column in the local newspaper for a couple small towns, and told people to come on out for food, and talk, and fun. It was all that and more. I got to see some old friends, and enjoyed it quite heavily. My birthday was, well pretty freaking average, but I suppose I forced that. Goodbye


Megan said...

happy birthday! Hope you had a good one! :) :)

Gracie said...

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from your favorite responder. Hope you had a good day, and with these tough times you better be thankful you are still at home and maybe plan to be there awhile, as this is no time to take a financial leap. Just got power back on here in Van Wert County Ohio after a long, cold icey friday morning. Hope everyone stays safe after this storm. Have a nice weekend

Kim Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!!!