Saturday, December 27, 2008

rain, rain, rain, RAIN!! and Nick

Today, after I got up and helped my dad clean up our back yard because of the several pine tree's that had fallen. Umm, I headed over to Nick's house to finish what we had started yesterday with that game I was talking about. We dominate at it, and Nick's friend Jessie was over and will be going to Snider (school I do contact work @ for Young Life) next semester. The picture above was me taking them out to get some pizza at a new pizza place in town that I love.

We got back, ate, and nick and I filled the rest of the day and evening with the video game. I have an action shot from it.
The game is intense, and old school PS1 graphics. BUT, it is amazing and we both rock at it and were determined to win the season. WE DID, but it took forever. The video above was when the ball some how got stuck in the wall, so all the guys were just standing around while we waited for time to run out for the half. We got plenty of free shot's in and took full advantage of it.

So, we recently had this horrible ice storm and snow and all this stuff, well everything has melted because today it got up to like 64 degrees. Then, today it rained like crazy. SO MUCH RAIN. I have this video of me going over a flooded bridge in my neighborhood, but because it takes forever to load videos up on BLOGGER, and it takes up space that I want to be careful with, I decided to upload it onto YouTube. Check um out.

It was a really good day today. I enjoyed hanging out with Nicky thoroughly and I believe it went both ways. Just forming trust and relational know hows. God is good, He is soo good. :-) I'm also glad the bridge didn't collapse when I not only drove over it, but stopped to catch some footage. Sometimes I really love technology.

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