Sunday, April 27, 2008

great, wow, ummm good day.

So, I started the day out with a really great devotional/Bible study. It went a little something like, "you're an idiot if you do things for yourself, yourself is momentary, but do things for God, and you will be doing them for an eternal figure." (Jeremiah 45:5) Got me thinking about why should I pray if God knows what I need, and what I want.....made me realize that prayer is a tool to bring you closer and closer to a fuller and more complete understanding of who God is. LOVE IT!

So, after church I did a little community service. No, not for me, but for this kid I met at Snider. I forgot to ask him if I could have his permission to put his pic. on my BLOG, and so I am just going to post an edited picture of him. Then, maybe in the future I will re-post the real deal if I get his OK.This is a picture of the massive amount of trash we picked up from a very large field. SO MUCH TRASH, for 3 hours! It was actually a lot of fun getting to know him though, and I am quite glad I got the chance to do it.This is a pic. of *******, he is a pretty cool dude, and I am glad I got a chance to befriend him at Snider lunch.

After the community service, I went home for maybe 1/2 hour, and then went to a Young Life leader meeting. It was real good, and we talked about some really hot topics.

After the YL meeting, I went to Collateral, and it was quite healthy. We talked about more hot topics. (sigh) I don't have my Bible right next to me though, so I kind of forget what exactly what the topic was. hold on...........wait for it........."haughty" is coming to mind. Romans 12:16 in some translations I believe says do not be haughty..........ohh man, I maybe take that back. I am super tired, and need to go to sleep. I had an incredible day. It ended with me taking my friend Paul home from Collateral. We talked about mormans.............We talked about mormans for what seemed like an eternity. I am sick of Joseph Smith and his craziness. But, I love Paul so I will talk it out whenever he needs me to. I will also stand by his side for how ever long it takes. I am in it to win it with Paul. :-)

Then, I watched this video that made me cry pretty hard. It is pretty powerful stuff. I don't know if it is true or not, but there is just so much truth in this video that I get very emotional. SO GET EMOTIONAL AND LOVE AND CELEBRATE LIFE!

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