Sunday, April 20, 2008

i'm back & it was thoroughly enjoyable

How do you describe; put into understandable words how "GOD" has just worked in a very real and clear way? Is it okay to just try your best to put a spiritual experience into words, for man to gawk at and think your just trying to brain wash them? Should it even be attempted? Personally, I think it should be attempted until you are blue in the face, and then until the muscles in your mouth(or fingers) get tired, THEN, keep trying. God is with me every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, for all time. But, it is a really amazing experience to come to a place where you are surrounded by many other believers who just experienced the same exact feeling. Let me just post up some pictures first, then I will dive right into this concept of "experiencing God" first hand.

(The Fort Wayne area YL people)
(Kelsey, ME, Ryan, Jennie)

Ohh baby, it really was quite the weekend. Prayer, personal time for deep understanding, thinking and reflection. More over, just opening up my heart to a new type of love. I am starting to "get it" more and more and it is really quite exciting. Bottom line, Young Life isn't about converting sinners to Christianity. It is about LOVING KIDS, but, loving them in a way Christ commands us to. This can only lead to one thing, which is an eternal relationship with Abba. What a concept, seriously, what a friggin concept! Love people, and in showing them that love, they will start to see and understand what "IT" is all about. This is something I have been quite aware of and have understood, but to become a lasting reality, well, that is completely different. This is what I strive for.

Here is the moment I spoke of at the start of the post. Where God entered the room at a very real and amazing place. I could have taken a picture of all of the leaders/staff in this room singing, but my mind was way too preoccupied with worship and learning. It was yesterday evening after a very pleasant day walking and talking in the great city of Chicago. We all got back to the hotel conference room and listened to the speaker and I wrote notes and thought. Well, it wasn't until the end of the session that we had some singing/worship time. People were singing from their hearts, eyes closed and arms raised there was a connection. A very real and visual connection. I remember singing, and not caring about anything else but dissecting the words and offering them up to God. Periodically I would offer my prayer out loud, thanking and giving all the glory to Him. I broke into tears, and I had goose bumps, my legs shook violently even though I have not experienced tremors for quite some time. The guy next to me, a complete stranger connected with me through the Holy Spirit and everything was good. I wish I could explain it. I wish I could do that moment justice. If I died tonight in my sleep and I went to heaven, and all I got to do was have a non-stop time experiencing what I experienced yesterday during that worship time, well, that would be extensively alright.

Yesterday when the 3 of us were making the trip up to Chicago, the question was asked of me, "what would you really like to get out of this?" I said with sureness that I would really like to get a better understanding of what the best way was to deal with and try to tackle the task of urban ministry. Last night after the session, a very friendly and awesome guy from New Jersey came up to me and asked if I would like to have breakfeast (break feast) with him this morning and talk about urban ministry. That just kind of made sense to me. ;-)

All in all the week was overwhelmingly good.

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