Friday, April 11, 2008

don't let go, you've got the music in you

I listened to this old school song by New Radicals, and decided to go with that as the POST title.

I went to work today(Pathways Community Church) and I worked my butt off. I started off with jeans on and ended up cutting them into jean shorts real quick. I was hauling 60 lb. bags of quick crete up an 8ft. ladder onto the mezzanine for storage. I was wearing a beater and was pretty sweaty, of course almost every single bag had some size rip in it so when I went to shoulder it to carry up the ladder it went all over me. LOL. AHHHHH! So, I have already found out that extremely intense physical labor is really hard on my body...I wonder if I should be doing this kind of stuff....hummmm I need a desk job, but there are so many reasons Pathways has been really good for me and my situation and I can come and go as I please, and it works around my schedule. Ohh well, I will just not stress about that either. :-)Here was a LIVE ACTION SHOT of me in the parking lot walking from the Yellow Beast of a Box truck to the church. It was so sweaty in there! he he he. I had to unload this equipment from that white trailer into the box truck. It was some extremely heavy and expensive light lifts. If anyone needs some steel framed high sealing light lifts, just let me know! :-)

When I got home from work I was sooo tired, I passed out on the couch right away. I get so tired now a days. In reality, it is probably due to my M/S and I know that is something I will have to prepare for and what not.....(scrunches nose & lifts upper lip) But, I just don't want to think that I am any different than any other 21 year old.

(TO BROTHER) Hey Troy, I really wanna get that book from you that you were trying to give me a while ago. We will have to work out a way for me to get that from ya. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey little bro. Give me a call and we can hook up. I have to remodel the kitchen here at home and I will be in Ft wayne. Give me a call and we will work something out.

yasuhiro said...

G'day,mate!!! it is getting colder in adeliade. we have to wear some warm clothes to go out...all leaves are gone now.winter is round the corner...