Monday, April 21, 2008

ohhh crap, it BURNS!

So today, I was outside throwing some fert down on some huge fields.It was very foggy this morning. It gave the feel of a very erie and surreal surrounding. I kind of liked it, but it made my morning slow at first. I worked my butt off, but once the fog lifted, IT GOT SUNNY OUT! I remember just posting not to long ago, about how careful I need to be because I know how easily I burn. But, I didn't yeild my own whatever and now my back is scolding. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "DO'OH!!"

So, after I got off work around 3:00 I tried to wrangle up some guys to go Geo Cashing, but schedules conflicted, I said I would try to make it happen on Wednesday, we will see what I can put together. Instead, I called up some guys and checked out what they were up to. They said they would be playing some B-Ball at the IPFW on campus outside courts by the dorms. When they got there, I texted one of the guys and asked him how many were there. Then I left my house and picked up some pizza and POP. I took it over to the courts and they were so happy. As soon as the food got there, they stopped, and then wanted to go back to one of there apartment complexes to eat. We did, and in the process one of the guys wanted to show off his Stereo in his car, that he almost has his license for. The battery doesn't work, so I hooked up some jumper cables to mine to hear it.After the pizza was gone, I told them that I wanted to see them play. Well, they knew the courts at IPFW would be taken for a long time on a day like today. SO, I said I knew of a place we could go to that wouldn't get bothered. I took them to my old elementary school parking lot, and they BALLED it up. They are pretty darn good too! It was fun to watch them play! I had a great time driving them around and chillen with them.AHHH, I FEEL LIKE MY BACK IS ON FIRE!

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