Tuesday, April 15, 2008

holy GRADES!

I accidentally slept in today through my Psych class. This happened because I changed the alarm on my phone. I made it the Titanic theme song.........which is a song that will make you go to sleep, lol, so it was pretty stupid to try to wake up to. Learned my lesson there. No matter, the same class meets in the evening. I went to School this morning anyway once I got up and around, about 10AM. Went to school and worked on PSYCH homework, then prepared for my last Speech in my intro to communications class (COMM 114). I got the grade for my speech today, which by the way was a persuasive speech about Multiple Sclerosis, trying to persuade people to be knowledgeable about the disease and all parts of it. I also got a grade back for my self analysis paper I turned in on Thursday. GET THIS.......

Self Analysis= 110%

Persuasive Speech=108%
She(prof) said there was a lot of emotion in it, and that I explained all facets of it very very well. I took a picture of myself after I got out of my comm class on the way home.I was so pumped. Now, I know it is a 100 level nothing class, but it still felt really good to get the grades.

I went home for a bit, and then eventually went back to IPFW for the Psych class I had missed in the AM. (moral of this story, don't make the Titanic Theme Song your alarm clock setting) After I got out of the class, I went to the computer lab till like 10:00PM working on completing a study guide for the test on Thursday. I got it done, then as soon as I get in my car, I get this phone call from a lady who has been E-Mailing me for a little while wanting to call and talk to me, well it was an amazing conversation and it blessed me so much. The power of the Holy Spirit took over, and we connected through HIM. There were tears, and I prayed for her on the phone. It was such an amazing and powerful situation. Please pray for Tami & her 3 year old daughter Jillian (jelly bean) who has cerebral palsy. It is so powerful to see and feel the connection God allows through his people, even complete strangers. IT'S GOOD STUFF PEOPLE!

One last thing, take the POLL only once please. It doesn't tell me who, but it tells me if the same people are polling more than once. THANKS SO MUCH!

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