Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today started out with a little bit of, "ehh, I dunno." I took my Psychology exam this morning and just wasn't too sure about it. I just don't know what to expect. I doubted myself on several questions. When the test was over, I quickly pulled out the study guide, and had a momentary sigh of relief because I went with my initial thought, instead of my "hummm, maybe it is this one" answerer. I believe it paid off. But still, there were others that I couldn't remember once the test was over, that I felt unsure about. I suppose I will find out when the results are posted. But, right after the test was over and I was in my car driving to work, I had this face.

I call it the "I dunno" face.

I headed off to work and the darnedest thing happened to me. Right when I get there, John (boss) tells me that I have to go out and run some errands. No big deal, I have done it plenty of times. I have taken the work truck and gone places several times. The work truck, by the way has an automatic transmission. My car, however, is a 5-speed. I was pulling out of the church parking lot, and I guess I thought I was still in my car, because when I approached the area where the parking lot turns into the street that leads into the neighborhood next to the church, my left foot (clutch foot) started searching for the clutch. Well, there was no clutch there, so it found the closest peddle. This just so happened to be the break, which my left foot went ahead and slammed down on. ha ha ha ha!!! I almost hit my head on the steering wheel I stopped so fast. I just started laughing because of how stupid I felt.

I left work @ 1:30 to go and get my 2nd treatment of Tysabri (new medicine for M/S). yummmm, Tysabri & Salad, it's a perfect mix.After that I went home and got things around for my trip to Chicago tomorrow. I had a phone conversation with Josh about some things. It looks like the format, or at least content of this BLOG is going to change a little bit. Not with my life specifically, but some things within it. It is going to happen because of the ministry field I choose to be in. I maybe don't like it so much, but it is the way it is going to go down, because I feel very strongly about YL and all of it's happenings. :-)

MINI Health Update
have noticed that I have been clinching down my teeth automatically lately. Pretty much since I started to experience the weakness on my right side. Every time I am not diligently thinking about clamping down on my jaw, I clinch my teeth together. It really wears my jaw out believe it or not. It probably isn't too good on your teeth either.

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