Sunday, April 06, 2008

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. C. S. Lewis

Today I directed some traffic in some B-E-A-utiful weather. It was so nice out today, I couldn't hardly stand it. We sang a really awesome song in church today that I haven't sang...or, it's sang isn't it? Anyways, it is a classic worship song, and it was so powerful, BUT I can't think of what the name of it is.....If I think of it, or someone tells me it, then I will post what it is because it made me cry it has such powerful lyrics to me. You really gotta love it when that much emotion is evoked from a worship song. Man is a fickle kind of entity. We are some crazy mammals here on this big blue ball.

I got a chance to read a bunch from my book Where is God When it Hurts? I have the old and new version of the book, I am reading the old one though. I was told it is actually better. It is a really great read, I like Philip Yancey a lot.

While I was reading this afternoon, I was interrupted by my old neighbor Heather!! She was at her parents house (right across the street) and she was sitting out on the swing in the back yard with her son Caiden. It was funny, because I remember hanging out with her way back when. I use to have such a HUGE crush on her. I remember when she was pregnent with him, I supported her so much with prayer and positive comments. I think she can appreciate it now, and I LOVE to see her little man.I have asked Heather how she was in the past, and she would hesitate and tell me "good." I would not believe her. When I asked today, I really believed her! I know that little one has been a struggle for her, but she is really making it work now. I am so happy for her and Caiden. I can say for sure Heather has really learned from experience.

I went to Collateral, and Lynn came and it was a really good night. I enjoyed the message so much, it was just very good timing, and meaningful. We dug into 2 Timothy 2, and I mean we really dug into it. I was able to see and understand things I never saw before. IT WAS AWESOME! You really have no other option but to DIG into this one. It is pointless, because you just won't "get it" otherwise.

IRAQ was a MISTAKE! We complain about losing 4,000 American soliders, do we have any idea what we have caused over there?!?!? I think there would have been less loss of life if Saddam was still in power. It is so hard to understand why.....

I will never support Barack Obama for the pure and simple fact that Oprah supports him. She is a huge voice for him, and he gladly takes the millions of dollars she raises for him, MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS! It would not surprise me one bit if she put her ideology onto him, and AHHHHHH FALLEN WORLD!!! See what Oprah is all about We must be AWARE!!!! Please be informed, and tell your friends. Please pass this on, people must know the TRUTH!

Dont Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama and The Occult


Anonymous said...

"IRAQ was a MISTAKE!..."
This opinion is based on what??? Is it based on things you have read, what someone has told you or your own experiences there??? Please explain so that others will know how this wise observation was obtained.
Experience: that most brutal of teachers... 1st AD

Mikey said...

Why Iraq was & is a mistake: (keep in mind, this is a neutral party's view) In my opinion, and I am allowed to have an opinion regardless if I served in the military or had first hand experience, is that we have accomplished NOTHING over there except civil unrest. What we are doing right now, "fighting the taliban insurgents?" This is supposed to protect the liberties of the U.S.A. BUT, there is never going to be peace in the middle east(Biblical), so this seems a frightful waste of time, money, and lives. Not just U.S. lives, but the lives of so many innocent civilians. Analysts say that we will reach the 2 trillion point by 2010. What about the National Budget? What about working within our own country? It is just an opinion, and I would never picket against the troops over there, I have several friends currently serving(1 in Air Force, 2 in Marines, and 1 in infantry)But I still think it's a mistake. Why do you take such a narcissistic tone in your post anonymous? Just express yourself, I am sorry if I offended you in any way, but people are allowed to have opinions.