Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ummmmm Chinese

Today I found out what grade I got on my last Psych test, sigh...it was the exam that I felt like I didn't do so hot on, the one that I was really unsure about. Yeah, well I got a 92%!! Dude, I was so excited it's not even funny. It figures that I would get the highest score on the test that I felt the least confident about. Gotta love that kind of stuff.
Count: 68
Average: 72.7
Median: 72.0
Maximum: 100.0 only 1 person though
Minimum: 42.0
Standard Deviation: 13.87

So in my Comm class we went outside because it was super duper nice outside. It was hot in the class and the one of the students said, "hey, so are we going to have class outside?" Aleshia, the professor said, let's vote, the class voted unanimously in favor of the idea, so out we went. That was neat!

I went home and, what did I do? Hummm, I think I talked with my mom about stuff and chilled. Eventually towards the evening I picked up Reggie and his friend and we all went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant that I have been to before on the south side of town. I really liked it, and Reggie said he felt like Chinese food, so off we went. IT WAS SO GOOD, and we got to play with the ladies little kids, who were a blast!!!The Chinese lady/owner remembered me, and was giving us all kinds of free food. She was so friendly, and her kids were adorable!!! Very smart as well. It was a lot of fun!

After I dropped off Reggie and his friend I swooped by Jared's (my best friend who lives down town) house to check on him and his roomies. Well, Jared hates his new job, and was about to go to bed. His roommates Dan and Derek wanted to go to Meijer and buy some planting soil and some seeds. I said I would drive, and I DID! We had a good time at the late night Meijer.

I then went home, and soon I will be asleep. Once I am asleep, I very may well dream of wonderful things, and then contemplate them early in the morning, only to forget by the time I get out of the Shower.

I also had a great Devotion today, the jist of it talked about the importance of staying in tune with God. In my written journal I recently started I wrote at the botom, "what does it mean to stay in tune with God?"


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