Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can't a guy catch a break?

I am writing this post pretty angry. I will post a picture explaining why.I was leaving the parking garage at IPFW (University) today when I noticed a Campus Cop sitting near. Now the IPFW PD, apparently have the same kind of power that a normal cop does. This didn't even enter my train of thought when I saw the IPFW PD. I was hanging out with my friend Derek on campus, and he dropped me off at my car in the parking garage and I was waiting for him to exit so I could follow him to his house. Well, apparently I did not come to a complete stop. SO, the cop put his lights on right away and pulled me over. :-O I was so angry, because I know darn good and well that he was abusing his position. There were no other cars at that friggin 3-way stop and that is just horrible. To sit there and wait for someone to slip up just the tiniest bit is just flat out wrong. Also, before I gave him my thoughts on the whole situation, he informed me that points were indeed going to be added to my already flawed license. What in the heck reason would he have to inform me of this!?!?!?!? He even asked me why I had 12 points on my license. He was extremely unprofessional, and just a jerk. I could have kept my mouth shut, and not said a thing, but as soon as I heard him tell me that he was just trying to protect the lives of other drivers, I LOST IT! I told him as nicely as I could that I believed he was abusing his power, and that the right thing to do in a situation where he knew I wasn't causing any harm, was to give me a written warning. I told him that he was not trying to help anyone, but instead he was only causing more problems for me and our tax payers. Now, I have to go to court and it is going to raise my car insurance. All because I came to a "rolling stop." The ticket will cost some where in the vicinity of $50-100, again money that is going to be hard for me to spend.

Was I "TECHNICALLY" in the wrong for not coming to a complete stop? Yes, I was. BUT, that really does not stop the fact that this guy pushed it to the limit. He really was on a power trip, and that is wrong, plain and simple.

I am just glad I didn't take it too far, and so happy that I stayed some what respectful. I almost said something to the effect of, "why don't you try to protect our campus from having another homicide instead of writing joke traffic tickets." I am really glad I kept that one inside....After I got the ticket, I went ahead over to my friends house. I had some dinner, and some time to chat with my friend "shoobs" who is currently on a 2 week leave from the air force. He is currently stationed in Texas. Shoobs, is the guy in the back with the hat on. After dinner was over I did the dishes for my buddies. There was a lot of dishes, but I knew none of them wanted to do them so I did. It gave me time to think and play in water!!! :-)

After I got some time to spend with Marty who showed me a bunch of really sweeet internet sites that I never knew about. I got to send my "future" self an E-Mail. So, in April of 2011, I will get an E-Mail of myself with some solid advice and information. That will be a pretty cool experience.

THEN, at the way end of the night, I took my friends to the bar. Now, they invited me to come, and I could have totally reasoned it because Shoobs is back in town. BUT, that would have been wrong, and totally bad for me. I said no thanks, after much careful consideration. It would have been so easy for me to say yes and go ahead and not even feel totally bad, but I did the right thing because that is the right thing to do. NOW ONLY IF I WOULD HAVE COME TO A COMPLETE FRIGGIN STOP!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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