Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Geo Cashing anyone?

So I started off my day working for Pathways. I tried to pick up 21 computer monitors, but when I got there the guy said he couldn't release them...I turned around and did some work around the church building. I did some lawn clean up and stuff of the sort, this was a "LIVE ACTION SHOT." When I was working, I was thinking about what was going to go on this afternoon the whole time. Tom (Young Life Staff) and I were going to take a group of kids that stayed home for Spring Break Geo Cashing! I was expecting a fairly good turn out of people, so I was nervous about having too many kids in my car. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked John (guy I work for) if I could borrow the Church van for the evening. HE SAID YES! So extremely motivated to get going I set out to the High School parking lot to meet up with Tom and let him know what all was going on. I had spent a while getting things printed off, so that it could be fun for the 2 groups of people to find and work towards these Geo Cashe sites. I have gotten "VIBES" from Tom right from the get go that he wasn't going to really be into the activity, but I suppose he was trying. Let's see, 8 kids ended up showing up, 5 girls & 3 guys. My team was composed of 2 guys & 2 girls. 1 of the guys on my team was Ray, who is a guy I have been bringing to Club a lot. He doesn't quite fit in with the "usual" crowd, so it was awesome to see him treated as an essential part of the group. Both teams had 6 potential sites on their lists. My team found 4 out of 6, Tom's team found 1 out of 6. My team couldn't find one because the area was under water from flooding. The last item on our list we had some difficulty because of a creek some of us fell into & other reasons. I kept a really positive attitude the whole time, and it really motivated the kids to FIND THE CACHE!Once they found the first one, they were hooked! We would find little trinkets & stickers and all sorts of fun stuff in the boxes. We had a clip board and everyone had like a designated task. I had so much fun doing this!This last picture was taken at the site of our hardest Geo Cash of the day. It was in a commentary, and we could not figure it out for the life of us! I had mis-printed one of the clues on the paper that held all the information (coordinates, story, hints, clues, etc.) for the "CACHE" or item. This is when one of the girls said, "can't you look it up on your phone?" I said, "umm i'm not sure if the internet on my phone would work correctly on that site." But I tried it out anyways, AND IT WORKED!!! Now the only thing I need to go Geo Cashing is my phone and a GPS system! I LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS ABOUT MY PHONE!! So anyways, I got onto the site and found this specific Geo Cash information for the one we were on. Below is what I opened up from my phone. This was the extra help we needed in order to find the CACHE

This cache is located in a cometary, please be courteous of the surroundings.

You are looking for a very well hidden ammo can. Please be very careful with the cache and it's hiding spot, and put it back exactly as you found it so that other cachers can enjoy the cache as well!

Any pictures that give away the nature of the cache will be removed promptly.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Additional Hints ( Encrypt )

You do NOT need to climb the fence to get to this cache!

I had everything printed out on the paper, EXCEPT for the "Additional Hint" which was just what we needed in order to find the item. It was so cool too, we searched high and low and were starting to get frustrated when one of the Girls, "Ashley" was standing by the fence, she was probably thinking, "humm it can't be outside this fence, and we have looked everywhere except on this fence, so maybe....." AHH HA! She lifted up the cap to one of the steel fence posts, and there it was! You can see her proudly holding it in the last picture posted! It was so neat, and we all were so excited to see it. VICTORY!!! What a great day I had today. Also, my best friend Jared got me 5 free tickets to see the Mad Antz play on Saturday the 12th. I can't wait to see what Young Life guys I am going to take to the game with me....hummmmm who should it be?


Sharon said...

I asked for a GPS for my birthday so I could geocache. My uncle introduced me to it a few years ago and man do i love it!

Mikey said...

No kidding, and it's FREE!! That's the best part. :-)

Sharon said...

well....other than the GPS. but those arent so bad these days either