Friday, April 25, 2008

I pushed it to the max today.

I put in 10 hours for Pathway today. I did all kinds of work from moping the stage getting it ready for a wedding rehearsal, to purchasing bails of hay for a project that will be done tomorrow with many volunteers. I stayed so busy, but at the same time, as you can see very clearly in this picture....I STILL FOUND TIME TO HAVE FUN! I was so tired when the day finally ended, that I drove home and passed out on the couch.

There was one part of my day however, I was ecstatic! Let me set the scene...I get E-Mails on my cell phone and I check them quite often to make sure I stay up on things. Well, one E-Mail came that really just sat me down for a second. I got an E-Mail from a friend in California who is sending me to Arizona for the Young Life camp. I would not be able to do this camp if it was not for this person. He is 100% a blessing to me for doing what he did, and I am just in awe. I have never even met the person face to face, but yet he believes in me and supports me. OK, so picture me on the stage moping it for the wedding. I hear a "beep" and check my phone. It is the confirmation E-Mail from American Airlines saying that my flight has been booked from Indy to Arizona. That was amazing, but then I see that I am set for 1st class!?!?!? I don't know what it is exactly, but I had to sit down for a second and just be ever thankful. I just went to prayer and thanked God for it, and for some reason, it just really hit me. I am not big on NICE THINGS, or living a FANCY LIFE STYLE. But when I saw that he sent me 1st class, I dunno, it just touched my heart. It is probably nothing, well I actually know it is nothing for him, but to me it meant the world. It was so simple for him to do, but really it meant the world to me. If you could say a prayer for his dog, IKE, I would really appreciate it. IKE is his good buddy, and he is getting old.

God Bless!

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