Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's a Thursday

I went to class and realized that I am very confident with my Major change. Psychology seems so abstract, I didn't put too much thought into the idea of getting into it in the first place either. So, I am really happy about that.

After my first class (psychology) I went over to Snider to talk in a class about Suicide. One of the teachers, Mrs. Honig asked if I would come over and speak to one of her classes. It is a health class, and they were covering the topic of Suicide. Well, I pretty much just shared what was on my heart and this one kid really opened up. It is so neat that it was this one specific kid too. Remember that Snider High School has about 2,000 kids, so to even run into the same kid in the hall way on more than one day is "unlikely." Well, I was going through this LARGE lunch room a while back and my heart directed me towards this kid. Shaggy blond hair and kind of chunky. Well, we started talking about calculator games, and this and that. I just wanted to keep a line of communication open with him. We would see each other in the hall, and I just felt compelled to seek him out the following weeks. Well, before I spoke in Mrs. Honig's class, she briefed me in the hallway. She told me about this kid "Chris" and his situation. "Chris" is the kid I was seeking out. When he was 6 years old, his brother killed himself. It really changed him, and it was just a horrible situation. Well, after I spoke, I just kind of opened it up to the class. Chris just talked from his heart. He told me the whole story right there in class, and he really sounded mature. I gave him the typical YL invite, but I also said I would love to take him to go get coffee or a bite to eat, and just talk with him. He said he would think about it, so I will have to remember to continue to seek him out. I know it was a God thing though.
(previously taken picture)
I talked with Reggie at school today too. I am disappointed in myself for not continuing with him. He needs a male figure in his life so bad, and I feel like I may have let him down the past couple of weeks, because I just kind of slipped away a bit. Spring break may have tripped me up a bit, and Ga$ prices have had an impact as well. Most of these kids live on the other side of town. It is so hard on my already minuscule budget to be able to go to them with any kind of frequency if I am not working a lot.

I got done @ Snider and went home to find 2 of my Aunts and my Grandmother. They were in town because my Grandpa had to go to the VA hospital in Fort Wayne. We were chillen and talking in the living room with my mom and her sad broken foot. :-( When out of no where we had some visitors pop in. Check it out BELOW.Right in our back yard, 6 deer pranced in and were checking us out. It was so crazy to see. They just came right on in like it was perfectly normal. I know they were here first and all that, but it was just so strange to see them so close. You can only see 4 of them in this shot, but there was one little guy off to the left, and one just out of the picture to the right. It was awesome!

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