Thursday, April 03, 2008


What a day today. I went to Psychology class and as soon as I got out I got started on some work for my communication class. It was cool because I was in "the study mode." I made it HAPPEN! I got a 3 page paper done, an outline with parenthetical documentation of my sources. I am good to go! My speech is gonna be a breeze! After I got all my work done, I got a phone call from one of my old high school friends. We have stayed in contact pretty well, but it wasn't until lately that I have been really interested in rekindeling that bond we use to have. Ya see, the only reason we use to hang out was to smoke dope or drink. WELL, he told me about 1 1/2 to 2 months ago that he is going to quit smoking. HE HAS!! Not only has he quit smoking, but he has revamped his friends. He has an amazing girl friend, and life is "working out" slowly but surely. We met up and saw the movie 21. It was a pretty good movie, or maybe a "so so" movie. Anyways, the good part of the night came when we went to a Starbucks that Nate's (Nate is my friend) girl friend works at to chat and get caught up on things. I snapped this picture, I am so sneaky.Nate was honest with me and he said some pretty amazing things to me. He told me on the way to Starbucks that a while ago when we would hang out spiratically, he would be motivated to change and better himself. He said that just being around me would change his outlook on things. I was fighting back the tears as I hear this, and of course our conversation was lead to Christ. He kept saying that "I" have been making some amazing changes in my life, and that he really respected me for it. I reminded him that it is Grace by Faith, and it is nothing that "I" have done. We had some really good and healthy GOD talk. Such an uplifting and encouraging thing for me. Also, @ 10:55, right before Starbucks closed I got a phone call from Dijon (D) and we talked, he said the reason he didn't come on the morning on Tuesday was because he went to the funeral of a young man who was recently shot and killed. There have been many homicides down in the ghetto lately, all gang related. It scares me because D lives right in the middle of all of this. I wish so badly I could just protect him....but it just doesn't work that way. I have to remember to be diligent with my prayers and just love the heck out of him.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was a quote from the movie 21, in case ya'll didn't know. :-)


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