Saturday, April 26, 2008

a car car here, & a car car there

So today I woke up and my sister Merideth was helping out with cleaning the house, my dad was cutting down a tree outside with a friend, and my mom was directing and cleaning as much as she could with her foot being broken. I woke up late, and got a shower and was off. My sister and I planned on taking the afternoon to go out and look at cars for her. Her car is going to DIE soon, it is sad, but just how it is going to go. She bought the thing a while ago, like over 2 years, maybe even 3, but I think more like 2 years. It is a Mazda Protege, and I am not sure of the year. I do however, know that it has over 210,000 miles. The thing was in an accident before she got it, and the front of it is all smashed up. She only paid $500.oo for it too. The thing is straight up a runner. But, it's time is coming soon where it will run no more. It's been good for her though. So, we hit the market strong and noticed right away that Car Salesmen are like gnats. They get right in your face and don't leave you alone till you are kind of annoyed with them. They just POUNCE on you as soon as you step on to their lot. I know it is a business, but some of these guys were relentless, pressuring and making you feel uncomfortable. We met a few who were calm, and didn't make us feel like they just wanted to make a sale. We covered a lot of ground, and got a good idea what all is out there. We will have to go again soon though, to finish up the CAR SEARCH in Fort Wayne. I just barley made it to Saturday Night Church (SNC) at Daves house. I got into some good conversations with Dave, and he made this comment that really stuck with me. I have to share it and remember it. Dave said, "Sometimes staying in tune with God is like dancing in the moonlight. Sometimes it gets dark, and there is only shadows. BUT, the moon is always there." Man, that is a pretty good depiction of my in tuneness with God at times.

After church was over, I took Daves daughter Rachel to her brothers house. Her brother is on staff with Campus Life, which is another High School Ministry just like Young Life. I got a chance to hang out with kids from Churubusco high school (right outside of Fort Wayne). They seemed like a good group of kids, and I watched as they got their Wii on. It was fun, and now I am super ready to go to BED.

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