Tuesday, April 01, 2008

mature decision today

I went to class, where I was able to write my own notes. This is amazing because everything except for my right middle finger is completely back to normal. I notice it isn't back to the way it was when I shift. My middle finger slips to the right of the shifter. It is just one of those odd things that I notice. After class I tried to pick up Dijon (D) from his house to take him out to lunch. We had this all planned out yesterday and he promised me that he set his alarm and would be up and ready. Well I got to his house.......all the way on the other side of Fort Wayne, and called him and he was no where to be found. It was super frustrating, but God has it in his grips.

I met up with Josh (Young Life district leader) at Chipotle to "talk." We covered all kinds of information. Lots of really good stuff, and he ran some things by me that really opened my eyes. The biggest one was about Lynn. I came to the decision, with a little help realizing what I already thought from Josh. I need to ssslllloooowwwww down. There is no race, anything good relationally is done through patience and perseverance . I really want to know who Lynn is as a friend, and that is what I spoke to her about. The conversation went amazing, and we can just start with the basics, and a lot of group activities. It's not about doing what makes me happy, it's about doing what is relationally correct in Christ. There can be no rushing this.

Tomorrow Tom and I are taking a bunch of Young Life kids GeoCashing! I am going to borrow the van from Pathways and this is going to be amazing!

I'm really happy
. I feel like I could be close to an organized balance of life for right now.

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