Monday, March 31, 2008

workin it

I started off this morning at Dr. Sauder's office (family Doc.) because he wanted to see me back just for a general check up more or less. He said my blood pressure was back to normal and most everything looked good. I have a nasty cough and congested everything so he thinks a Z-Pack ought to do the trick. These things are great, but I have heard something less than positive about them. Now, this could just be urban legend, but I hear if you only take it until you feel better. There is a slight chance you could start a SUPER VIRUS that could lie dorment in your immune system until a similar strain of whatever activates it again. I wonder if there is any truth to this? It's not like I would test it out to see if it could actually prove to be true, but..........I dunno.

I got to work for Pathway (my church & job) today. It has been a while since I have worked because they have been doing this capitol campaign and I am assuming that they have been really trying to keep a tight budget. Well, hopefully they will allow for things that need to be done to get done and paid for. This means money for me and such. Today I did odd things around the church building after I got out of my Doc appointment. I did get to take the church van to pick up some water softener salt & then pick up some computers. 21 to be exact! My college donated them to Pathway because they were old and extra. They are like 2000 Gateways, so I dunno how good they are, but they are free....I dunnoIt was a ton of CPU's though! It was crazy to walk into my the room with my Universities Main Frame! It was a lot of processing power! As soon as you walk in you get this rush of cool air, and the room is filled with hundreds of disks spinning and things beeping and it was just a pretty neat experience.

So first of all it felt really good to be back in the Pathway Church building working. I just get good vibes when I am in there. I was putting away some stuff in a storage room when one of the other workers ran into me. It really startled me at first, but I puled my composure together and we talked for a bit. Really this person talked and I listened...and listened....and listened. About 15 minutes went by where this person was just letting some "life things" off this persons chest. So I started saying, "here, just walk and talk with me while I work." This person did just that, and when it was all done and over and I was ready to leave. This person thanked me for listening, and smiled and I left. It was so simple, but I just took interest where most people would have said, "umm humm" then walked away. It felt good when this person thanked me for listening.

Did I mention that my mom broke her foot? Yea, it was horrible, yesterday around 2:00PM her and my dad were at Menards checking out stuff for their room and bathroom remodel. Well, my mom was walking out to see if my dad was ready or something and didn't see him (or something to that affect) so she walked back in and the ground was wet and she slipped and broke her foot. Menards is paying the DOC bills, she is just trying to get them to reimburse her for time lost at work. I hope they cooperate, because "I" think they should have the floor dryed off.

Talked to Lynn through out the day today. I like it

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