Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday's are the best days!

I went to Snider (High School) for some contact work for Young Life. I stayed there through all 3 lunch mod's and got a chance to chill with a lot of kids. It is very fun for me to go there. I am kind of saddened because the Principal is cutting down the Young Life presence to one day a week. So, from now on it will be Wednesdays.

After I left Snider I went home only for a moment, then I had to go to Fort Wayne Dermatology. Ya see, TYSABRI has had a few small incidents (2 I believe) of creating Melanoma in a patients. Since I am adopted and am not very familiar with my biological back ground my neurologist wanted me to get 2 moles checked out. They had odd shapes, and had changed size in the more recent years. So, the Dr. took what he called a "core sample" of 2 of my moles. I kid you not, that is what he called it. I tried to take a picture as he was doing the surgery or whatever you wanna call it. But he wouldn't let me because he didn't know what I was going to do with the picture and he didn't feel comfortable with me doing so. I was like WHATEV....I didn't really say anything though, in fact I was very polite and "understanding." I have a picture of it now though.That was one of the moles that was taken off. This is a odd picture, I is actually right where the top of my chest meets my neck, but I am bending my head back so it almost looks like my back. I assure anyone reading though, there is no hair on my back (thank goodness!) at all. The process was really pretty interesting. They numbed the area, and then sliced right into the middle of the mole, then out it came. He put in 3 stitches and I was good to go. I swear I could have done that myself. ;-)

Like lightening in a bottle, Young Life came at me FULL THROTTLE! I laughed harder than most of the kids tonight at Club. It was a crazy time, and I had a lot of fun. Listen very closely at 1:36 and you will hear me laugh like a little girl. I always have so much FUN at Young Life! I wish I would have attended something like this when I was in High School....It makes me wonder if I would have stuck with it, or if I would have just skipped to smoke dope. There are however, some serious Pot Heads that come on a consistent basis, so you just never know I suppose.

I had a great devotional today. It was so fitting to some internal conflict that I have been facing. It was about Spiritual Vision through Personal Purity. Ohh man, so fitting and true. I love how God fit's life events and decisions together like a puzzle piece. It pulled scripture from the Beatitudes, specifically 5:8 I really liked what it said in the end. It gave some practical help for personal purity with other people. You have got to see other people as Christ see's them. So, for me personally since I have taken my level of commitment to purity to the next level it would go like this. Before I take a second glance at some cleavage or some cute booty, I have got to think, would Christ be looking at that? WOW does it put things into perspective for me! GREAT IDEAS DEVOTIONAL!

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