Saturday, March 15, 2008

i'm gonna lay it down Q&A style

Let me set this post up for ya'll. Sometimes the best way to present information is to just dissect yourself for everyone to see. So that is what is intended with the Questions and Answerers that follow. Just think of it as a BIPOLAR Mikey. You have Question Mikey=QM: and you have Answerer Mikey=AM: ENJOY!

QM: So I hear you are experiencing some “health” issues, could you expand on that?
AM: Yes, there is truth to that. What I am currently experiencing is some weakness to my right hand/fingers. I am also getting a bit of tingling on the right side of my mouth; I can feel it when I run my tongue on the right side of my lips.
QM: What exactly does “weakness” mean when you talk about your right fingers and hand and what does it mean when you say tingling?
AM: Well, my fine tuning muscle skills are being hindered. My right hand feels sluggish and kind of stupid. The tingling on my mouth feels similar to times in the past when parts of my body have gone numb.
QM: Are you mistaken when you say the right side, don’t you mean the left side of your body?
AM: No, I am not mistaken it is definitely happening to the right side of my body. Even though I have never experienced M/S symptoms on the right side of my body, I know my left from right…I’m not an idiot.
QM: So, does this mean that the treatment in China is a failure?
AM: No, I don’t think that at all. I can’t say for sure what it means. Who knows where I would be at “health wise” if I hadn’t gone to China. I think time will tell, and I am comfortable trusting God through everything.
QM: Sweet stuff man, so whats with the RED, aren't you being a bit bold?

AM: Grow up Question Mikey…

SO, for my day today I was pretty darn tired. And since I didn't have anywhere to be or anything to do, I got me some couch time. I could have taken a picture of it and posted it for everyone to see, but I think everyone understands what it would look like for me to lay on a couch and sleep/watch TV. I just didn't have any energy today. Once it got close to evening I went ahead and got washed up and went to Dave church. LOVED IT! Here was a little bit of jamming between Richard (left) and Dave (right) before the service started.

It doesn't matter what song it was or what they said, their hearts matter. And I know their hearts are right where they need to be.

In regards to the health issues I mentioned above. Well, I look at it this way. I pray for more faith. How can I have more faith unless I am challenged? I am excited to see what specific part God is going to work in my life next. Even though it sucks that my right hand is being slow and cold. My right hand is so bitterly cold, while my left hand stays at a normal temperature. It is such a strange feeling. and well, My diseaSe is even stranger. :-) I stay up beat and joyful amidst it all.


Anonymous said...

mikey help me out, how do you pray to and worship someone who causes such pain and sorrow..why do you deserve to have your disease when you are trying to be a good christian..four young men died this weekend in a car wreck in celina,ohio all 18,19 years old. good kids. not their fault..WHY???
i just cant buy into the god is great and he has an answer for everything mentality..why do good people die young and good people get diseases and die young..shouldnt those people stay on earth and convert sinners to gods way..i want to beleive i really do but i don't understand his plan if there is one..please enlighten me i don't want to not of health and life to seem on the edge of good vs evil and understandably so

Mikey said...

ohh I love your honesty. I love your last sentence even more, "You seem on the edge of good vs evil." As I struggle to type this out to you, I must first tell you that I can not enlighten you, I can only share my heart. When I ran from God, literally and metaphorically I was so unhappy. I was empty inside,and my biological needs told me to FILL IT! Alcohol, weed, pills, girls, filth, money. These things took my mind off it, but when the chemicals wore off I was still left empty and hurt. Ya see Christians and non-Christians are all seeking for something. I know that once I became accountable for my actions and fell on my face in Gods grace, I started to heal. I have this peace inside me. Something that I never had before. Something that doesn't ever leave me, even when my human body fails me. My worldly friends, family, and things can and will all fail me but Christ never leaves my side. When I pray with honest and pure intentions I am not left alone. I am speaking truth to you friend. God did not create this disease, or car crashes, or cancer, or abuse, or hurtful words, or deception, or lust. These are all very real acts of an evil force that walks this earth as well. Satan deceives just as he did in the Garden. Let me tell you one last thing. I don't stay awake at night because of my disease or faulty body, I stay awake because I can't think of a better way to explain what I have inside of me better to people like you. Grace & Peace

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response to me mikey..I'm trying to believe and get some calm and peace from God like you do in this crazy messed world..I sincerely hope things go well for you and your current health issues, because i believe you have a lot to offer this world.
Thanks for your time