Monday, March 10, 2008

ohh well ok then

This is priceless! The accent only makes it that much better...

So, I thought it was going to be the first LAZZY day of my Spring Break. But thus was not the case. I woke up, got me some shower, and then headed out back to round up some chickens so I could cook me some FRIED EGGS! Actually I had some tortilla chips with melted cheese on them. It was delicious. Yeah, that's right delicious. After I got around and ready, I headed off to Snider High School to rock it out with some kids. It went real good, and I feel more and more comfortable being there. Almost like I have a presence there. It's weird though, I don't know if it is even so much with the kids as it is just for me. Like being noticed by some of the administrators and faculty is a really good thing in my eyes. Having their trust is important to me and I am so glad I can be relational with them. After I got done I went home and got some things done. I am LOVING my new devotional. It is called It is really thought provoking and challenges me. Not only that but I look forward to getting into the word every day. I am challenged to get in the word, but usually once I dive in a bit, I find myself reading this and then that, and God is just really talking to my heart. I am so glad I picked up on this devo. YESSSSS!

Once the evening came I took a couple of guys out to dinner.I got taught a lesson tonight. Ya see, I wanted to take Dijon (D) out to eat, just me and him. He had opened up to be before, and I thought we could maybe continue with that conversation, or at least expand on it a little bit. Well, he ended up bringing his cousin Chris at the last second. Mostly because I think he would open up if he didn't. BUT THE LESSON LEARNED is that I can't and shouldn't go into an ministry opportunity with a prerogative. That is totally what I did tonight, and I didn't leave much room for God to do his work. I had questions all planned out, and it was formatted. Well, what ended up happening was his cousin Chris (LEFT) just talked and talked and talked about nothing pretty much the whole time. It was real funny, but I just didn't have my heart in it. I got discouraged because it didn't go how I THOUGHT IT SHOULD GO. ~STUPID MIKEY~ If there is one thing that I could do for these guys, it is share the message of Christ in a realistic way. A meaningful and life changing way. Well, I know God will provide that way and perfect time if I am just obedient and allow my body, time, and energy to be used as a vessel for his great plan. That is what I want too, and these little lessons here and there will help me to get there.

After I dropped those two off I figured since I was in the area, I should just stop by Reggies tae kwon doe class. So, that is exactly what I did.
It was cool, and we chilled there for a bit, and eventually I just hung out with some lil kids while Reggie chatted with the ladies and got himself ready to go.I can always stay entertained when I am in the presence of little kids. In fact, I feel like I fit right in with them. I wish I had a blue tongue so that I could show if off just like them. But, I suppose someone has to play the part of the mature one................or do they?

One last thing.
My good friend's family is going through a really tough time. His parents recently went through a divorce. Well, it is turning out to be pretty nasty and it is effecting the whole family. There is still a young one and it seems like both of the parents are making decisions without thinking about their kids at all. I can tell from listening to my friend that both of the parents are hurting a lot, and looking in the wrong places to try to mask or sooth that pain. If prayer could please go out for Bruce (father) & Diane (Mother) I would grately appreciat it. I know I will be diligently praying for them. As well as their 3 kids. Son=my age Daughter =senior in high school and Younger Son= middle school I think. Please keep them in your prayers. Pray that their father is kept safe, and that their mother just does what is right for herself and children.

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