Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Can you dig it?

I found a pretty cool site that is a peer created news center. It is called www.digg.com and it is pretty unique. I have a doc. appointment in Indianapolis but I think I am going to cancel it and just go to work and remove some snow. I don't think I like Psychology, but is it too early for me to be able to decide this, or is this something that is good to decide on early on? My friend made a very good and smart comment to me. Made me think.

pinkvolley: see i think you should think more along the lines of communication... although i think you give awesome advice, you can do that on your own time.. but giving speeches in front of large audiences is a talent.. thats for sure

I need to find someone to talk to who is smart and understands where I am coming from. I want to get in the right classes NOW. But, all in his time is the best way to think and I will just continue on with that. I think I am going to find someone on campus who is right on track with my thinking who can confidently direct me in the direction that I really want to go in.

As I looked at my tiny little Donut of a tire I thought about how pathetic it was.
I just want to pinch it because it is so small and cute. So, when I went to Leo Wheel and Tire to see about getting my previous tire fixed I found I had a hole in the side wall and 2 bad tires. The guy wasn't just trying to screw me over either, I didn't realize how bad those tires were. SO, I got 4 new tires. I can't be driving kids around for Young Life with unsafe tires. I feel confident about it now, and roll out.....literally. It is very nasty outside. It is like the worst mix of snow/ice right now. I am feeling pretty happy today. My health feels good, but I am going to have to continue to just wait a tad bit longer to go to the Indiana Center for M/S because of road conditions. I have these MRI's sitting at my house, waiting to be taken to my neurologist in Indy, I can't help but think about how awesome it would be for the M/S clinic to take a look at them and wonder where the lesions are!!! That would be so amazing. Ya know, you can't help but wonder...........

Good night readers, I hope you are filled with wonder and zest for the day. Enjoy every breath to your fullest, love with vigor, and Smile like you've got nothing to loose. I say good night because I am about to go to bed, but most of you won't read this until morning or mid day. (was that stupid for me to write?)

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