Sunday, March 02, 2008

Open the eyes of my heart Lord

I am ever amazed at the power and love of Christ Jesus. Just let him in and give it all over and you will wake up. It's so amazing.

I was pissed at church however. I direct traffic at Pathway and they want me to wear a bright orange vest. I hate directing traffic in the first place, but I do it with a smile on my face because they really need me to do it. I was so angry when I saw that stupid vest, but I thought about it and laughed. If they want me to wear a vest that will make me really feel and look like an idiot, so be it I suppose. I guess it is just a test of my character, and why make a big deal about it. I don't even understand why I care so much, or why I hate directing traffic so much. I wish I didn't, but I do.

After church I went to Jareds new house.
He pulled out this wooden tic-tak-toe box I made for him in High School. HA! I played with our friend Ashley. The new house is amazing, and I love it so much. It is going to be a bit breezy in the winter time though. It is huge and there is so much beautiful wood.
When I left Jareds house I ran into this guy. I was laughing so hard, but then I was just kind of amazed.

Then I went to have dinner at Jama's house with her and her awesome parents. We talked about life and what all it offers. I let them know where my heart is and got their stance on things. It felt really good to speak with them, and I hope I can be a good example of a Godly man to their daughter. We talked for a long time and I enjoyed every minute of it, and had some good dinner....I forget what it was now, but there was some good potatoes. God is working hard, he is working even when people do not see him doing so. That is the beauty of Christ. I would say it is safe to say we don't see or understand the majority of the time he is at work.

I would write more but I am so dead tired again tonight, I just have to go to beddy.

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