Tuesday, March 18, 2008

more difficult

Well I am getting less and less energy and I was wrong yesterday about my weakness peaking. I believe I am weaker yet. I can just barley hold my hand in2 a fist. I walk with a little bit of a limp, but it's all good. I think I am getting really good @ taking everything in strides. My right hand is FREEZING! That isn't a complaint, just informing of my reality.

I went to see my family doc. Mark Sauder, the best doctor in Indiana today. It was really good to see him & he put me at peace with the whole Tysabri bit. He explained that it would be very foolish for me to be too picky. Even though the long terms are unknown I have a very debilitating disease & I am young. If it works, then I need to go with it.When I saw Dr. Sauder he wanted to run some tests. Ya see I had some high blood pressure & something other than the obvious seemed wrong. He's on it though & he is also going to work hand and hand with the M/S center 2 get me on the TYSABRI. There was this lady, maybe late 20's who brought in her baby girl (Autumn Rose) b/c she had maybe the ATV(or something) virus. The baby was SOOOO cute & loved stairing @ me. The mom was pissed when she came into the hospital. She had piercings & a shirt with the middle finger in the back. She made it sound like the father of her 2 babies was a control freak. I could tell it felt good for her to just talk about her baby & life. When she left i prayed 4 her & her baby. I had to take a pee sample...it took FOREVER!!! I made it home though & i am learning how to work /w the hands available to me. I LOVE MY JESUS!


sune överhagen said...

I have read parts of your blog and looked at the YouTube videos. I am impressed by your productions. I just want to say Thank You.
I hope you will be fine on Tysabri.

Anonymous said...

hey mikey,
just wanted to say that your attitude shows how much you are dependin on GOD right now, and that's so important. you have strong faith in GOD. Sometimes we don't understand his plan and will for us, but in the long run, stickin with his plan has a better outcome then we can ever imagine. Just look at Abraham and Sarah, by stickin to his faith, Abraham became the father of many nations. and Moses, he couldn't have lead all those to the promise land if he would have done it his way. And what a testimony to those around you (or those who may only know you thru this blog.) they will look at how you handle this and see that the faith you have in GOD shows them the kind of GOD we serve. Those that don't get it, may get it by just watching you! You never know what seeds are being planted when people ask how you can go thru all this and still have faith in GOD, or how a GOD that loves us can let you go thru this. so by your answers and the way you live you are planting seeds. Not trying to freak ya or anything, but you have such a great way of witnessing to others that most of us can never be able to do.

Stay strong! i believe something great and mighty is on it's way for you... you just have to patient! (which i know can be hard, but we can do it because of our faith) So put on your armour of GOD and stay in the word, prayer, adn let your faith lead you.

i just wanted to encourage you, and let you know you have many people praying for you.

God bless and love, Amy and kids and Troy to!

Mikey said...

your words comfort me & I am going 2 release the Tysabri into Gods hands.


Anonymous said...

It's the RSV virus...you made me laugh with your "ATV"!

Mikey said...

I got 1 letter correct out of 3! Not too shabby. ;-)